Cuckold too late

I saw many signs my soon to be wife loved to be with other guys.. while not officially dating yet she was sleeping with me and 2 of my friends. I didnt know this at the time find out later in life.. we started dating then broke up but the same week after breaking up she would go on a s** spree with so called friends and friends of my friends.. maybe like 5 guys.. then i would ask her to take me back. Then years later break up again because i heard rumors she was kissing my so called close friend.. and literally the next day after breaking up she goes on a s** spree with him and maybe like 5 other guys again... i was sad without her and asked her back out. I asked her about my close friend she tried to make it seem like it wasnt good s** because it hurt.. but i asked if he made her c** and she said only the last time they had s** which was the 5th time.. i was sad about it all but i loved her we ended up getting married and a very attractive girl seduced me and i had s** with her but i ended up getting caught and my wife broke up with me but we were still married. She ended up having s** with the girl i got with husband... and also his brother. Not together but on seperate occasions. And again i asked for her back... this time she was very cold and different because i cheated.. she started giving hints that i was too small and that i wasnt a real man.... i asked if she gave the girls husband head she said yes and that she swallowed... she didnt hold back because she was mad that i cheated. I tried to simp for her so i could gain her trust but i looked through her phone amd she was still talking to the husbands brother.. the messages were about her wanting him and that she loved his s**. I was so sad after reading that... also another message to her friend that said the husband of the girl that seduced me had a bigger p**** than me... i broke up with her and its been a year but i now the thought of her with other guys turns me on... i watch cuckold videos and audio and i think about her.

Feb 4

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