With all due respect...

With all due respect (and I do mean WITH ALL DUE RESPECT), I think you're a douchebag. You're my step-sister's husband and all, but, I don't respect you as a person for marrying her after you knocked her up, and probably realized you couldn't possibly do better, because she's the hottest piece of ass you've ever tapped.

I can't believe your marriage has lasted 7 years, that we're still "family" and that I still have to see you in a monthly basis. I honestly disliked you since I saw you, not because I thought u were a bad guy, but because u are the epithamy of what I dislike in guys (and people, in general...) I might name these qualities so u get why I dislike u, ok, u clueless t***? Arrogance and Cockiness.

I am glad to say I don't get along with any of my step brothers or sisters, but they have somehow managed to get out of my life (and even better, out of my country) and do me that favor. Why aren't you in the military, like my little stepsister's husband? He even took her to Afghanistan! I think it's extremely romantic... that she could die out there... in her honeymoon... doing it... I meant fighting for our country!!! U'RE NO GOOD LIKE UR BROTHER-IN-LAW!!!! U SUCK BIG SAGGY B****, DUDE!!!

Why weren't u more like my stepbrother and his girlfriend (soon-to-be wife, who's-always-been soon-to-be) and move to other country to work on your "relationship" and raise your illegitimate daughter? U SEE, U GOOD FOR NOTHING!?! THEY THOUGHT OUTSIDE THE BOX!!! I always thought my stepbrother's example was the best to follow, and the smartest.

Now that ur getting fat, and still working in Sales, it's only natural for you to fantasize about attending Law School while you still have to work to pay all your "student loans" in real life.

In your head, you always thought you were hot. In your head, you always thought you were smart. In your head, you made the right choices....

In real life, you weren't that hot, so someone settled for u. In real life, someone smarter than you scarred your mind and ego and made you feel dumb. In real life, right choices chose you. The things you didn't want to pursue, pursued you. I'm talking about Happiness, the most simple thing in the world. It's not a Law School degree, it's not money or prestige, it's not the car you drive or the clothes you wear.

I can see the hollowness in your eyes, even though everyone that surrounds you seems so happy...

With all due respect: U're an ASS****!!!!


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  • I get it, you never should have f***** him. Well, you are having so much trouble getting over that you need to lash out. Did he hurt you that bad?

  • Uh... NO. I just think the guy is an ass. For real. A real a******. This story comes from my own personal dislike against him, and my sister in law... In fact, with all due respect, I hate everybody. I don't even know you, but I might even hate you!

  • Seriously, you didn't f*** the guy? Sounds a lot like you did. Don't hate me for that. There are a lot more reasons you could hate me but I won't go into all that. Are you hot?

  • NO, I didn't f*** the guy. And no, I am not as hot as his wife. I don't know what that really has to do with my point of view, though. I think the way I do, and I'm not a moron.

  • I was only asking because you sound kind of hot with your anger and potty mouth. Women like you have turned out to be real tigers in the sack, based on my experience. Yeow!

  • ^^total total total total total TOTAL agreement!!^^

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