I love him but i dont think we r meant 2 b. he gud wit da baby sometimes. he act nice sometimes. but i want 2 b attractd 2 somebody mentally and i dont think we'll evr b able 2 accomplish a real deeply intelligent convo. I hate it when he talks crazy 2 me and i want a bettr life. I dont want my son growin up thinkin its ok that i get treatd this way... im really tired and i want a change or i need a new relationship.

Aug 21, 2011

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  • Hey you two imbeciles, its called writing in short hand. Maybe she didn't feel like typing the whole word out. Word of advice lady, if you want better, do better and stop making excuses and using someone else for a reason. You want to leave, tell him (instead of cheating) and leave. Sometimes, I just don't understand why simple communication is so complex for most people.

  • Yeah, get over it.
    If you want to be a model, you'd better have an amazing body.
    If you want to be a doctor, you'd better know how human physiology works.
    If you want to communicate online, you'd better know how to use actual English.
    TFB if that's problematic for you.

  • My God in have butchered the English language beyond recognition. Murderer!

  • Don't ever expect an intelligent conversation from anyone until you clean up your own act. That was painful to read, frankly.

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