Why are athiests so dumb?

It amases me how dumb athiests are. WTF is there problem? Why can't these imbeceles see the proof that is obvious. Are they born with smaller brains or did the logic part of their brain go missing at birth? What is wrong with these idiots? Maybe God made them that way so Satan could have some playthings, like dumb barbie dolls to mess with, and believers would be left alone. And, you know what? Athiests smell funny. It is true. They stink. Maybe God made them stinky so believers would know who was saved and that the smellies were not so we could keep away from there wrong ways. I love how God does stuff and I appreciate that I was not born a dumb athiest. Thank you God!

Aug 22, 2011

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  • The evil words u speaks says alot about who u are. U KUSS n think its okay u share hatred remarks about peoples faith while your life n your words reveal the TRUE EVIL in your HEART. There is a GOD n you are not him. YOUr unbelief n doubt, hatred, evil kussing, is serious evil that clouds seeing the real truth. U know u are out oF CONTROL with evil intent. read the bible, study really, not barely read it. See n investigate if it isnt the word of God. I have investigated the bible n have found it to STRONGLY n REASONABLY GOD WORD thank u have great day :)

  • I was a christian for all my life until I was asked to join the church, then asked to take classes, and when I asked questions, I was told I was wrong just for asking them. Believing that there is some greater force, that in a very broad sense creates and destroys, is not inherently wrong. What is wrong, is believing any of the ridiculous myths humans create to explain that which we do not yet understand. I feel very bad for the original poster of this, because not only were they raised to feel this way, but in fact there is a part of the brain that floods the mind with chemicals that they perceive to be god. You may hate atheists, but we don't hate you. We hate your religion and the acts done its name, but we having nothing against people. You are a creating a blockade of mind warping traditions that halt progress towards a better society. Studies have proven that atheists have stronger morals than theists and while it might be true that some humans need this set of rules to restrict their behavior, some of us choose to accept or our position within this reality with gratitude. Please do not insult the doctors who cure you, the researches who make your water safe to drink, the teachers who show the world in all its splendor to your children, or even the engineer who created the technology that allowed you to make this confession, because 99% of scientists are atheists. Now tell me, do you honestly believe that the people who have given you this comfortable life are so foolish?

  • Revolutionary War Mentioned right in Daniel 7-8. Look for eagles wings.

  • WOW talk about someone who is following Satan to the "T". Paraphrasing.... doesn't the Bible basically state that if you judge another, you therefore condemn yourself? You don't judge an individual, you judge a whole belief system. You know, those who crucified Jesus weren't against him, they were against the fact that his teachings went against the idol worship. However, when it comes to judging, what makes yours any less than?

    Focus on your relationship with God, not on anyone else's relationship or lack thereof. Are you responsible for their soul, or are you responsible for your own? If you judge them, you're allowing who they are and what they believe draw you down a path that I don't believe you'd want to end up in.

  • I'm became an atheist because I wanted to be different. That's why I started doing drugs and everything too. Fortunately, I am a christian now and I believe in God and love him with all my heart. I think some atheists must have had something happen to them in their life to make them think there's no help. Or like me, they want to be different. Or of course, they could just have a different mindset and optimism.

  • I'm an atheist, non-theist and an anti-theist. However, I don't do drugs, smkoe or drink alcohol. Nor do I condemn people for there faith. I'm not this way because I wanna be different, but because god/gods in any form DO NOT EXIST!

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  • 1. You are greedy. You have a life to live already but you want more. Isn't avarice a sin? Sorry if you don't get that place with the gold and the angels and all your relatives. But mabye you should appreciate life more. Some people don't have a chance to live one.

    2. You are ignorant. You claim that there's obvious proof, but where? Hmm? No proof of ancient flood. No ark was ever found. The bible speaks of unicorns, satyrs, and leviathan, all of which don't exist. You can't prove the bible with the bible.

    3. You are judgmental. Atheists smell? Seriously? You are stereotyping. What if I said all priests molest children? You can't base everybody on one example.

    4. Try thinking. If you truly believe that 'God' made everyone the way he wanted to, then he made us atheists for a good reason right? Who are you to question his decisions?

    5. If your going to complain about how much you hate atheists, then why are you hating from behind a computer on an anoynous confession site? One of your 'sins' is sloth. So unlike us, you need to base all of your decisions on one book written thousands of years ago. And if you believe that you can't change fate, then don't look both ways next time you cross the street.

  • There is no God. Jesus is just a collection of stories. Our brains look for coincidences and we want to think they are signs from some super intelligent invisible loving person. Why? Because we've been bred to hate loneliness. Generation after generation, the most social, sexual DNA tends to reproduce. Evolution explains every aspect of human behavior.

  • lol, I believe you. You don't stink. Harmful superstitions (like the ones that get 200 women in India labeled witches and murdered every year) and blind beliefs (like the ones people kill for) stink.

    By the way, one consolation for those that might fear dying into nothingness, at least there'd be no one there to worry about anything, like a deep sleep absent of fears and sufferings.

    Perhaps the cosmos just is and always will be despite ongoing cataclysmic events and dissolutions. Because everything on earth has a beginning and an ending, it can be difficult to conceptualize something seemingly beyond comprehension that never ends and never begins, that just is and always has been, kind of like a God, though not necessarily.

    One surprising negative about religion to open minded believers, not dumbed down by dogma, is this: whenever religion seizes the reins of power over a county, sooner or later, usually sooner, all h*** breaks loose. A believer, unschooled in the facts, would fancifully imagine the heaven on earth scenario, the glorious garden of Eden. Yet, it's not so. Consider the Inquisition as one of many easy examples.

    Then you have all the religious nutcases killing or ruthlessly controlling in the name of God. Were I God, and if I existed, I'd get p***** at all those imbeciles giving me bad PR. Like an Old Testament God, I'd set them straight.

    Then you hear the God is Love theme. Yet, violence not love prevails throughout creation. Even in a pristine meadow, weeds and flowers are locked in mortal combat.

    Little fish kill big fish. Big animals ravage small ones. It's a hard luck life when you are low on the food chain. In the cosmos black holes eat stars. It's a tooth and claw existence with the stronger killing the weaker, and serial killers and mass murderers killing everybody. Where's the God of love in that?

    And what God of love would let babies be born deformed; or with fatal diseases; or genetically predestined for mental health conditions, like schizophrenia; or into circumstances where they will be physically and sexually abused, in some circumstances murdered with no guardian angels, no saints, no gods to save them from their horrific fates. Then you have all the religious children delivered into the hands of pedophile priests. Where was the God of love and mercy for these children who cried into the nights of their long sufferings, and where was that God to save his so called personal representatives on earth, the pedophile priests, from themselves?

    And, f***!, usually religious beliefs are merely a matter of geography. Where you are born and what you are indoctrinated with, usually in childhood, like a form of abuse, seals your religious fate. If you are born in the Middle East odds are overwhelming you will be a Muslim. If you are born in the southern parts of the USA odds are overwhelming you will be a Southern Baptist, or, at the very least, a Christian .

    And, of course, each has the imagined only way or the only right way, and often the others are viewed as lost souls following false prophets.

    How about those arrogant individuals who knock on your door, invade your privacy, to basically tell you they have the only way and you are too dumb to get it so they have to save your ass with mindless bullshit. I hate those arrogant ignoramuses. If one is reading this, kiss my ass.

    And missionaries, f****** missionaries, hailed as self sacrificing messengers of their gods. They f*** up cultures with their religious arrogance, and with the legions of other believers and nonbelievers who follow them into unspoiled lands often stealing the countries the missionaries first invaded, like advance scouts. Hawaii is a good example. Slavery another. If you are a missionary reading this, f*** you and all the damage your ilk has caused throughout history.

    All that aside, something seems to regulate the cosmos, a god, or perhaps something inconceivable and never knowable to anyone who lives and breathes.

    P.S. When you look at cults often you see the imaginary God on earth figurehead surrounded with bogus miracles, and supposedly having had many supernatural signs when he or she was born. Does it not have a familiar ring?

    One thing I will say for atheists. You don't bullshit them. They do not accept parroted beliefs as facts, like many gullible believers do. And atheists examine the facts through the lens of clear and rational intellects. I respect that.

  • how can u truly be sure there is no God unless u have all knowing knowledge of the world to prove there is no existence of God, your evil secret life proves the real fool abortion killing , kussing slander, hatred is what life is like without God. The words u speak will be condemn begining in this life true painful time, as we all experiance and i truly believe the hottess fires of h*** are condemn to those make fun God n his church. think twice before u speak every WORD will be accounted for.

  • You are not the OP. That person at least showed a shred of intelligence.

  • WTF? Nobody called me on the spelling? Forget about it. So my astute athiest responders, you think humans are no more significant than insects with human lives ending at the grave, regardless of all the prayers, hopes and expectations of believers? In other words, just because people want a life, or heavenly reward, beyond this existence doesn't mean there is one?

    We live and die with no eternal continuum, the way many perceive lesser life forms fated; e.g. ants don't go to heaven? Is that what you believe? Tell me this, O brave nonbelievers, what in your estimations is in charge of creation and dissolution? Do you believe it is all on automatic pilot, or do you subscribe to some other theory?

    And, hey, how do you account for all those cases of near death experiences where people report similar results, seeing angels, dead relatives and religious figures of their respective beliefs?

    How about the cosmos, no beginning, no ending, just always was and will be, or do you have another take on that? Illuminate me, my thought provoking responders.

  • I don't know. Neither do you. You would think and hope there is some reason for all this. That would be why we have seen countless wars, persecution and unspeakable acts of violence in the name of some belief since the dawn of man. All of that belief is traced to some unprovable, sketchy machinations of man's mind. Before the prophet Jesus there were many, many beliefs that were followed. None then and now hold up under the scrutiny of science or common sense without an unabiding "faith." That faith does keep people from going mad, I'll admit. But I am strong enough to call bullshit on that. I would guess the answer is somewhere out there in the massive unknown we call space. We are but a spec in the grand scheme of that. Our sun is merely one star among billions. Perhaps we are also insignificant in whatever brought us to being. Perhaps the answer is far bigger that us. In other words, perhaps we are a tiny bug in the overall picture. I would like to think we are more, based on our intelligence, which seems to be put on hold when it comes to religious matters.

  • Oh, and I do not stink. Even after a vigorous, long-lasting sexual encounter I do not stink. I may be sweaty but there is no odor. You could check with any of my past partners.

  • Yes, that obvious proof you speak of isn't obvious unless you're willing to suspend disbelief and put your faith all in. Assuming you are Christian, do you understand how long after the death of that "prophet" it was before it started being recorded. Then, it was a document filled with riddles, contradictions and massive amounts of bullshit that Christians choose to overlook because their faith won't tolerate objective analysis. And why the f*** did all this Christian bullshit take place in such a primitive time, relatively speaking. If God would just let his word be known now in some spectacular way it would be all over the place with undeniable evidence. You are a fool for your faith. Sorry.

  • if you really think this way then you really need to be educated. there is no proof that a god actually exists. you can keep believing all the bullshit that the church & those child molesting priests keep feeding you & keep giving them your $. you are a pathetic, idiotic moron. please follow the rest of the sheep right off a cliff you f****** fool.

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