I posted the waste of time called prayer

I was watching Madelyn O'Hare who I consider to have been a gross nasty mouthed woman. She was eventually robbed and murdered.

I'm a different kind of atheist that is I try to reason with believers in an effort to show them the error of their ways.

Ok there is no God. There is no evidence for a God. Everything can be explained by science and no God is needed.

Believers to me are in a state of denial. They believe despite the fact that nothing supports their religion. If God existed there would only be one religion and one holy book written by God himself instead of some book that was supposedly divinely inspired. Yeah right.

Ok I ask believers to give me one shred of scientific evidence that God exists. Mere existence is not a valid response. The question how did we get here is not a valid question because I don't know and neither do you.

Next Confession

Stuck in his mind.

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