Imagination run wild

I have a problem with lying. I make up stories about things that I imagine could happen with me and friends. Sometimes they are little things and other times they can strech on over several months.
It scares me the most though because I have found myself believing some of the stories and hurting myself emotionally. I recently told lies that I was in a budding relationship with a guy I have only talked to a couple times. I think I saw the potential between us but instead of pursuing him and risk being rejected, I made it up. He is now in a relationship with another person and I feel heartbroken. I don't do this to hurt anyone else, because really I am the only one that gets hurt. I don't want to do this anymore...

Aug 25, 2011

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  • Yeesh, I'm the same way.
    It can be really hard to face the truth sometimes, that's why we lie.
    Sometimes it's easier to lie about something to make ourselves feel better than it is to accept the truth about a situation.
    You really just have to catch yourself in the act of lying and mentally say "No, I'm not going to lie again" and just try your best not to do it as much.
    Don't worry if you make mistakes, cause we all do. Just try your best and eventually you'll be able to stop lying.

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