Yesterday, my boyfriend and I took my

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I took my kids to this really big creek in our town to swim. It's a nice place to go, with a pretty waterfall and a park. Anyway, I was sitting on this really huge rock just staring at the water and zoning out, thinking about bills, and whatever else, and the next thing I know I hear my kid crying and I look up and there is a strange man holding her up in the air. She had jumped off the waterfall like all the adults were doing! She is 4, and can't swim. He said he looked over and her little head was just bobbing under the water. OMG. I am a horrible mother. She sat beside me and said "Mama I drownded!" and was just crying and crying. Now Im pretty sure she's going to her my mother the next time we go for a visit, then everyone will know that I suck at this parenting thing.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Accidents happen. Don't beat yourself up over it, just be more attentive next time.

  • You suck as a parent

  • she could have died

  • Everyone makes mistakes,just keep a closer eye on her in the future.

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