Sad relationship :(

Lately me and my boyfriend is not okay and until now we're not okay. He hurted me because of a simple thing. I have a problem with my family and I cried because of a single thing. I texted him that I was crying and he did not replied to me I was kinda hurt because I need him that time that I was crying I need him to lean on, to comfort me and to gave me some advises he used to be there when I had a problems. And then he texted me when im already okay. He said he was doing a lot of things because he was a godfather to a baby celrbrating today. -to be continued-

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  • So what your saying is your mad at your b/f because he didn't respond to
    you quick enough cause your crying ?
    Is he suppose to jump when you text him ??

    You sound very immature go back and play with doll your not ready
    to date .

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