My ex girlfriend broke up with me and then the other guy dumped h

She called me up and was crying on the phone saying how bad he had treated her and when I reminded her of how badly she had treated me she really got to bawling.

I told her to get another boyfriend and when she suggested I get with her I said sorry I have another girl. I then told her that what goes around comes around.

Then I asked her to please not call me anymore. She hung up crying.

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Goodness, Get over it.

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  • See, girls? Turning on the faucets doesn't always work. Time for this little c unt to learn how to relate to people better.

  • Fucken a, bro! Good call!
    She got what she deserved!

  • You should have fuckedd her first for revenge and then told her

  • Yes .You should have ** her an immediately said "Bye **,, " and walked away.

  • I. Would. **. Her. Again. But. I. Just. Told. She. Is. As. Big As. A. .House. 10. To. 20. Times. Bigger. No. Moor. Makeup her shirt. Is. Now. Opened. The. Birdie. Told. Me. No. Bra I. Saw her. **. I. Told. Him. 38. Ds. Oh. Yes. Nice. Love breast feeding. Her. To. Me. I wish. Her. **. **. Now. Husband. Ewwwwwww. Peppy. La. Pu. Would. Love vto. Chat. With me. Woman. Beater. I. wIll. Beat. Him. Just. To. Show. Him. If. A. Woman. Don't like it. I know. In the. End. He won't. Like. It. And. Will. Adjust. Accordingly!!!!!!

  • Nice

  • Good job. Let her learn the lesson. The lesson that will probably help her create a healthy family with no cheating and ruining lives.

  • Its to. Bad. And to late. Didnt. Learn then. Won't learn. Now. Somewhere. In. Time. /Iron. Maiden] lost with no. Exit good. Luck. With. All. That. Ttfn. Mrs. Or. Isn't. Mdf. !!!!!!!

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