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I have never mentioned this to anyone, ever. I am a 24 year old female. I have a good paying professional career, nice car, nice house, good looking bf, and a handful of close friends. To the outside observer I would appear to be the typical white American, and for the most part thats true. There is just this one thing that I know is wrong. I've never even considered the possability of it being anything other than wrong, so yes I already know that. I have a twin brother who I have been having s** with regularly since I was 14. I still see him at least once a week, though it was more frequent when we both lived with our parents. My bf just thinks were close because we're twins, so he doesnt really suspect anything about me seeing him for hours at a time. Like I said, I know its wrong, I have no illusions to the opposite. I even gave it an honest attempt at quitting when I was 20. It lasted for about a month, and then my 21st birthday came and that whole idea went out the window. I think what bothers me the most about it is that I used to feel guilty about it, as one should when cheating on their bf and/or having s** with a family member. But I don't get that feeling anymore. At any rate that's my confession, and I have to say it does kind of feel good to get it off my chest after ten years, feels good to talk about. So thanks for listening!

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  • with all the posts like this on here, im starting to think this is normal

  • I wish I had a male twin to f*** !

  • i definitely, hate what you're, the reason why you're feeling guilty is because there's this positive energy within telling you its wrong... i wouldn't call it incest! no, i call it foolishness and l***. i am not going to base this on religion, i am going to base this on psychology. the reason why its wrong is because you should love a family member and not sexual be attracted to him. That's the most terrible thing I've heard in my 40years of experience. honey i don't wanna say it the very reasoning we are living is because of this one thing"religion, and the existence of a supernatural being" i wouldn't even call the name God or Allah or Buddha. i would say a positive energy dwelling within us. That's why we exist!! I'll never say STOP this is a decision you yourself have to take. If you think you love your twin brother tell the world about it, it you think its right why don't let it out?

  • Thanks for the positive words everyone, and for not saying the things I was afraid people would say. Like I said I have no intention of stopping anytime soon, and though I'm not convinced it's 100% normal, I do feel a lot better about knowing other people don't have any problems with it and/or have do it themselves. So yeah, the s** is great, and I plan to continue. Thanks everyone!

  • I never had a brother so i cant say anything to that effect, but i have seen way to many post pn here about the same subject for me to think its abnormal. I suppose as long as ur making sure there is no way for u ti get pregnant by him that you should stop beating urself up about it.

  • I'm sorry to hear about you sister passing. I can't imagine what that would be like. Also thanks for the kind words, yeah it is similar to that, no one I've been with is as good or gets me going the way he does. We just fit. As for people telling me to stop, I've tried, but I always end up back over there, or vise versa. Thanks for listening!

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