Fingered my cousin

I had my cousin sitting on my lap coming home from a dance. I was 16 and she was 17. I had my GF at the time sitting beside me in the middle seat of my car and her friend was driving (I had been drinking). My cousin was wearing a short skirt and was a very sexy girl. I had my arm around her waist for comfort reasons and
She put her hand on my and we held hands. I was holding her hand with my right hand and holding my GF hand with my left. It was dark so nobody could see and there was eight of us in my car. I then put my hand on her leg and eventually slid it up her skirt to her p**** overtop of her panties and nylons she was wearing. I rubbed her slit untill she soaked trough and I could feel her juices. Holding my GF hand the entire time. I then slid my hand up over her waist band and slid my hand into her panties. She was sopping wet. I slid my middle finger inside her and she was so tight (still a virgin). I forgot what I virgin p**** felt like because I'd already been f****** my 90lb 5' blond cheer leader for about a year or so and she was well broken in. So I ended up fingering my cousin pretty much all the way home and my c*** was so hard I'm sure she could feel the bulg. When I got my GF into my bed that night I f***** her so hard and deep I'm pretty sure I stretched her p****, I f***** her so hard the condom broke and she took my load inside her for the first time. Luckily she didn't get pregnant. Nothing ever else happened between my cousin and I, I see her from time to time us now being in our 40's and I'm sure it's gonna happen one day. She still looks great and dosnt hide the fact she's interested. We both married but I don't care.


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  • Take my class mate

  • U a f****** lieing f** virgin my ass then holding ur girlfriend hand ok waiting for the punch line.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hiii

  • Screamed out FAKE as soon as he said she was a virg,plus then his smoking hot blonde cheerleader gf 😅 go suck an egg you fantasist!!

  • Lol

  • My wife told me when she was little her family visited her uncles once a year for Christmas. They played the doctor and her cousin fingered her all the time. That was until she was 12. The following year her cousin talked her into intercourse. When I proposed she accepted on the condition that we must visit her cousin every year. We’ve visited his family every single Christmas of our 25 years of marriage.

  • Why do you out asterisks to censor your S***? If you are telling a gay s** story then don't censor everything home.

  • The site censors it dumbass

  • Hey wankster, have you left your room yet? Or are you still tugging on your d*** to a creep shot you snapped of your cousin when she wasn't looking? L M F A O

  • Just because you want to f*** your cousin, doesn't mean she wants you. Stop fantasizing about your cousin, step away from the computer, and go out into the real world.

  • Real world? i posted the story to share it. Not for u q**** computer geeks to knock it. Get a life and leave the children alone you Paedophile

  • Bro u fingered your cousinn stfu

  • GFY! You don't know anything about me or my cousin.

  • I know you're full of s***. Lol

  • Bullshit!

  • Oh, and your mom's saggy v a g i n a btw.

  • Hey listen. Just because your dad f***** u in the ass as a kid shouldn't make u such a a******. Tell dad how u feel. And maybe he might stop. Hahaha. U f****** h***!

  • I'm going to F****** your A**** til it bleeds!

  • Gross! More like a fantasy. If that really happened I am the Queen of your mom's v*****.

  • Well I guess if you like f****** family. Kinda strange if you ask me, but to each their own.

  • Was she drunk or sober?

  • What a line of s***. F****** bullshit.

  • 100-% true.

  • 100-% true would actually mean that it's 100% false. (Notice the negative) Kind of a sneaky way of admitting it's bullshit, but ok.

  • You troll playgrounds for you 'veal' as you refer to it. You have enough issues of your own to call out others.

  • Hey cupcake, you're about to explode. Lol

  • What's the point of posting this when all that happens is you get attacted. It was like 1 in the morning and we were all drunk. If u don't believe it? Then f*** u! It's a 100% true story. There's no (-) in that u f*** tards. And she is hot. And yes my GF was beside me. It was dark and it was about a 45min drive home. Jealous? I have a few other cousin stories as well but not going to waist my time posting them.

  • Say lol

  • Lighten up Francis!!

  • Jealous? Umm no, you are the one who is either blowing smoke or really are fingering you cousin. Which by the way is f****** sick. Jealous? Not in the least.

  • You shoulda told your dad to leave you u alone. Hahaha

  • You don't read so well do you? Oh wait, you're just a f****** troll.

  • Yet your on this web sight reading these stories but u still have to post that comment. God dam hypocrite. I'm pulling the post shortly. Take the time to find the topic and when u do? Criticize it. I bet u have bodies buried in your back yard!

  • The only thing you'll be pulling is your own d***.

  • Lol, pulling his pud

  • Goose

  • Duck duck

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