I want to find a girl thats envolved with paranormal things

I hate normal girls. They are so boring and cant understand the things iv experienced. I want to find a girl thats had paranormal experiences and/or gets envloved with things like that. If you do not believe in it. I dont care. Do not waist youre time telling me.

Im 18 and still have experienced more things in my life then most of you will ever experienced in youre whole life



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  • You obviously haven't experienced 2nd grade English.

  • Ordem

  • You need a girl who can help you use spell check

  • I used to want a guy with the same traits
    part of it was Cuz I was pagan.
    I saved up allot of karma and a fuckton of energy
    to cast a spell it inlvolved lighting an orange candle to attract something.
    I worte down everything I wanted saying that I wanted someone mystical who was into magics who could show me new things
    and I placed it in a dish of glue I focused allot and then put the pillar candle on top I drew a purple circle around it purple standing for divinty spirituality physchic ect....and I did this on the full moon.
    I met this guy two months later
    one day after he exposed me to some really strage shyt I was laying on his bed.
    He said come here and I said no, you can't make me come over there. And then he says oh yeah, He raises his fingers and then I feel this uncontrollable ability to move towards him evetually I had to get up. Then I asked him if he could get me to the restroom I wached as he plucked his fingers one by one in front of me till he got me to the restroom then he sat me on the toilet poked me in the third eye and caused me to pee. He told me about the ability later and said it was called fate spinning. I don't tell anyone about it as people would think I'm absoultly insane. But occasinaly when we are at parties I'll ask him to tug at someones wires just for the h*** of it. He'll get in front of someone and move his fingers around while they feel compelled to look and can't turn away I've had some people give us some stange looks aftarwards but its always pretty fun to do.

  • Hire a teenager while he knows everything ...whahahahaash

  • whether you wanna believe me or not, i have these visions. they're people that talk to me, without them i think i'd b dead.

    you can all call me masquerade celty.

    please take a look at my post, it's called: Someone help me, please

    any help would be appreciated.

    also, there's this crazy weird post everyone should see, two of them actually, they're so crazy.

    one is called NEW S** POSITIONS and another is called i'm a p**** slave. they're vey weird... they guarentee a few laughs.

  • I love paranormal things!!!!!!

  • Wait..like a female verson of Edward Cullen?

  • No, it is you're as in you are not alone. They were right.
    I had a paranaormal experience once, I saw a loser in a basement j********** to some anime. He then started crying, and went to his computer where he started typing, and this is what he typed:
    I hate normal girls. They are so boring and- oh wait, you. Sorry.

  • Brilliant. :D

  • involved

  • Dont give up hope. You're not alone.

  • iv been f***** in da eye!

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