Remembering 9/11

I didn't care bout 9/11. I was ten years old and had no idea what the world trade center was; I had been to New York once, a million years ago, and didn't know anybody who knew anybody who knew anybody who knew anybody in New York.

My reaction was something like, "Oh, a bunch of people died? A bunch of people die all the time. A bunch of people are dying in Mexico right now, but you don't care because they aren't Americans." The fear, paranoia and craziness that followed 9/11 was extremely annoying. No one was ever going to invade my hometown; it's not even on the f****** map. Yet everyone was afraid of a terrorist attack, as if our citizens weren't a million times more dangerous than any terrorist.

I grew up in a rough neighborhood which meant, at ten years old, I already had a few friends who were in gangs and addicted to drugs. If I was old enough to go to war, I definitely wouldn't have, because I had my own problems and I didn't have time to deal with SOMEONE ELSE'S blood vendetta when I already had some of my own.

Whenever I hear that someone knew someone who died in 9/11, I think the same thing I think when I hear anyone has died. I think, "oh, that sucks," and I move on with my life. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I cry for days, weeks, if I knew the person or if I could relate to the victim. Then I f****** move on.

I have never killed anyone. I will never kill anyone. Like I said, I grew up in a rough neighborhood, and I have seen my share of horrible death and violence (which I do not want and have never wanted to be a part of). When my friend was shot by a gang member, I did not retaliate against the gang, for many reasons. One, the entire gang was not responsible, only one person was. Two, I don't want to kill anyone or torture anyone even if I did think about doing those things, because I believe doing so would kill my soul like it has killed the souls of my street-soldier friends who fight for drugs instead of oil; the only reason I would ever kill anyone is if they were about to kill me or my friends RIGHT THE F*** NOW and had the knife to my throat and everything, if they were running towards me with a gun. Even then, I don't know if I could really do it. And three, because the guy who shot my friend has a s***** f****** life and is probably dead by now anyway.

Look, if our country got invaded tomorrow, if a crazy stereotypical Arab guy got on my bus tomorrow morning as I was going to the grocery store and pulled out a gun, he would have to deal with me and all the other gang-affiliated people on that f****** bus. Period. America is really dangerous. It's so dangerous that a privileged white family can have a child, send it to public school and by the end of a fifth grade year it will have more gang connections than it can count on its tiny hands.

Please stop annoying me with your stupid, pathetic, uncalled-for fear, okay? Please. Stop telling your kids about this random thing that happened eleven years ago. I don't tell YOU guys about every time my friends die. This is the first time I've ever f****** mentioned it to someone who didn't already know it happened. I don't tell you to fear the people who wear blue, even though the people who wear blue have shot, stabbed, robbed, beaten, raped a lot of my friends and on one occasion, me.

Your fear is silly. Pathetic. Stupid. Childish. Ignorant. Annoying. The world is dangerous. People kill people. And in the case of 9/11, people killed people you probably didn't f****** know and had no chance of ever meeting. Sad? Yes. Worthy of a violent reaction? I've learned that nothing is. I've learned from all the violence and death and destruction I have seen in my short life that violence will destroy your soul. It will disappear from the eyes of a soldier only to flicker back to life occasionally when he forgets the horrible things he's done.

I'm saying this anonymously because I know the stupid, foolish, childish, reactionary, ignorant, selfish response I will get if I say it aloud. Probably the same response I would get from my red-wearing friends if I told them they didn't have to hate the blue people.


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  • i agree with your statement. people should now be more concerned with why their own government killed so many of its citizens and why nothing was ever done about it. or why so many more innocent people died in the resulting "war on terror" the last time we declared war on a concept it didnt work im not sure why people thought it would this time around.

  • You know what? I did know someone who perished in the towers. He was from NJ and his widow and 11 year old son were told his body was incinerated on impact, so nothing could be returned for burial. He was a great guy.
    That being said, I feel ya. You know one generation from now, no one is going to know anyone. It will be like the people who were bombed in Pearl Harbor. Except, that wasn't planned by americans, like 9/11. They will be just names on a wall, or on old websites. What gets me is that right after, everyone, I mean EVERYONE had those little f****** flags on their cars. At the time I thought it was ridiculous. Just a fad. And here we are, no flags. The whole country has ADD.

  • Look you STUPID,A******, it has been TEN YEARS not 11.
    You are so completely ignorant and ill-informed that I will not waste another word on you EXCEPT these two...... DROP DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don't think that my admittedly not-that-funny or recognizable as sarcasm sarcastic comment about it being eleven years since 9/11 and not ten years has absolutely nothing to do with you telling me to drop dead.

  • **anything, not nothing. My bad.

  • Ten years, fine. Whatever. I obviously wasn't being facecious or sarcastic or anything. You know what, a******? Ten years is a long time, too. Some day I will drop dead.

  • I get it. I completely understand.

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