Why are boys stupid?

Prom is near and i conclude that i am FOREVER ALONE. I am so frustrated because why don't guys like me? Am i ugly or is it because i don't go out much? Whenever i would see girls thinner and prettier than me i always feel insecure and ugly. Its like nothing that i do is good enough. How do you get a boy? I REALLY NEED HELP. Boys are so unpredictable. How should i talk to them and how should i dress??? I am just tired of being alone and whenever people ask me if have guy friends.... i say yes but secretly i don't really have. Please help me.

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  • Don't change who you are, as for clothes as apperance try something you've never tried before, but make sure its not tacky. Like a new haircut, or new ways to wear your clothes. Believe me they're doing YOU a favor.

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