I've never been so scared

Its so hard to focus, the world is spinning. This has never happened before, shes never been so drunk. Its terrifying.

Then it starts. The first kiss. She doesn’t want this. She cant move. She cant escape. The hands wont leave her alone. And then it stopped. Passing out removes the fear for a moment.

She wakes up in her bed and has never felt so sick in her life. The ground feels like its moving. But then she realises… there’s still a hand on her. Its only her and him now, where did everyone else go? No. No. It’s all she could say. She’s so drunk she feels like she can hardly breathe let alone fight. She doesn’t want this. Its ok, rollover so he can’t have his hands down your pants anymore and just go to sleep again. It doesn’t stop; the hands caress her back, her bum, her b****. She feels so trapped, the hands won’t go away. No! No! She doesn’t want this. She yells, she cries, it makes no difference.

Someone else is coming up the stairs, the hands leave, the tears keep going. They tell him to leave. Its over, but it wont ever leave her.

Sep 17, 2011

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  • She had been moaning for years that she wanted to be raped, that it would just be so awesome if someone forced himself upon her. Oh, the romance. Oh, the intensity. Oh, the hotness. Oh this, oh, that.

    And now it's over. The anticipation has passed, she's been violated, he's nutted all over her and left her like the used toy she is.

    Now the lifetime of professional victimhood begins, and she starts telling everyone how she never wanted such a terrible thing and men are awful. She gets very good at Turning On The Faucets.

    All because some dumb little girl thought getting raped would be "fun" or "sexy".

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