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I commented on my friend's facebook photo with a really mean comment. She had this blue dress on for a dress up night and I said it was a really ugly dress. Then, underneath, her boyfriend said he really liked it, and then a mutual friend said she agreed with the boyfriend. Although i am trying not to take it personally, those two ganged up on me. i really shouldn't care either way, i guess, because to me the dress was absolutely hideous, but whatever. Then my friend commented from a quote from the play, so in essence she was calling me a b**** but she's so pathetic that she can't even outright say it because she is "too nice". although it makes for a good way to get her stepped on. So i made a quip about proactiv and then liked her comment, because i know treating it as a joke would probably p*** her off more. And i don't really want to get into a stupid argument about a dress. because i don't like her anyway. she's just a stupid brat. i was just stating my opinion, but of course, if i don't like a dress i dont have to say that it was ugly. i guess in a way i was calling her fashion sense and herself ugly. which i think is true, but i guess it was a bad idea to say something about the dress. stupid. i know im not the only one who thinks that dress is disgustingly ugly, but hey, if those stupid weirdos think she looks "cute" in it, then by all means, don't let me get in the way.

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  • you are nothing but a bitter b****, i feel right about cursing you out cause you want to insult your friends on facebook for no apparent reason!

  • If you want to dish it, you have to take it too. It's fine to voice your opinion and have your likes and dislikes, but respect that others may not share your views. Facebook sucks anyway.

  • They were just trying to be nice to the girl by saying they liked the dress. Maybe help her feel better after the hurt you inflicted on her. Then, she says something not directly confronting you but you take it that way and lash out again. You need some filters. This is what happens when you friend everyone you can on facebook in order to drive up your numbers, you get people who really aren't your friends and don't care about your feelings. Stop feeling sorry for yourself over something mean you did to that other girl. If you want her as a friend apologize. Otherwise unfriend.

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