Past Tense

That I think God used to exist.

Note past tense.

I think he used to.

Only now he doesn't.

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  • We will all have something in common with God when we die. We won't exist either.

  • Glad to have you on the right side. good realization that he doesn't exist. atheist power!!!!!!

  • also: for there to be a deity, he must be eternal therefore can not formerly exist because if He was, then he must be. think about picking up a copy of "why I am a christian" which will bring you through all of the logical progressions entangled in your statements.

  • He exists, dont let the current situations in the world discourage you. This system will soon end for a much better peaceful Earth. Rev 21:3,4

    Please don't give up on seeking to Know God and his Son.
    About God it says in part at 1Chronicles 28:9 " If you search for him, he will let himself be found by you"

    Also the benefits of doing so are found at John 17:3

    Find an older Bible or one the has an explanation of Why capitalized LORD was used (usually found in the preface) in many current Bible and you will discover his name.
    LORD is Title, not a name. Knowing someone name is important to having a closer relationship to them.
    Jesus felt God's personal name was very important and worked at undoing the lack of use of it when he was on Earth. John 17:26 has his comments on God's name
    Look for it at Psalm 83:18 and Exodus 6:3 If it substitutes LORD in those locations find the preface as I mentioned and that will clear up what is supposed to be there.
    compare some older Bibles. To your delight you will find his name and thats a start down the road to knowing him.
    Read the Bible to get to know him and his son further and you will find the 'narrow road leading off into life' John 7:13

  • Why do you think that GOD doesn't exist anymore? What do you think happened to HIM?

  • People stopped believing in him.
    "Every time a child says, 'I don't believe in fairies,' there is a fairy somewhere that falls down dead." Peter Pan J.M Barrie

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