I cut myself so I can focus on something other than the emotional pain

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  • You should statrt sucking your father off. He should have showed you how a long toime ago.

  • How come no one -crushes- for the pain? Self flogs and bruises for the pain? Sprains an ankle for the pain? Physical action without stretching for the pain? Electrocutes for the pain? Tase for the pain? Looks at the sun for the pain? Gets a sunburn for the pain? Eats hot chicken wings for the pain? Gets writers cramp for the pain? Yoga and hyper-stretching for the pain?

  • 9.5 years later and NO ONE has an answer to my questions. Just wow, people.

    And THAT is why no one takes cutters seriously.

  • generally.

  • Yeah yeah, we've heard it before.

  • And will hear it again and again and again, because attention whores, like most stupid people, are deeply invested in making lots of annoying noise!

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