Im a cutter.... and not proud.

I cut myself. there, i said it. i cut my wrist. im not that emo s***. you couldnt tell. its just to dull the emotional pain. if i could find another way, i would. it hurts so much. i cant stand it, if it gets too bad ill go suicidal. its terrible. i have the choice between cutting myself and killing myself.
yay. mortons fork. who doesnt love two equally sucky choices.

May 15, 2012

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  • Well it's never going to go away the feeling of wanting to cut I' started cutting at 13 and now that I'm in my 20's I still fight it and things get so bAd that it happens. It sucks and I'm sorry. And your right. I have no answer or I'm not going to sit here and tell u stop go get help, because then I'd be lying. But I do hope one day you come to realize it wasn't your fault, and u can let go, and find happiness and strength. Take care.

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