The reason i will take my life.

I loved her. i still love her. i loved her with everything i had i left nothing back, she was my one source of happiness in this f***** up world. and then she just stopped. she got bored with me and threw me away for the first d********* that vowed to f*** her. i gave her everything and thought she loved me back but she didnt, if i ever meet this kid i will f*** him up. f*** him for what he's done. f*** her for what shes done. i can't go on like this, she was my everything now she is my enemy, i never wanted this. i dont understand. i hate her, i hate him, i hate me. this is it. f*** this loveless life. f*** love.

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  • Please talk to a mental health professional, trusted friend or relative, or contact a suicide prevention hotline. There are many options besides suicide and violence.

  • Be rational. You may think that you're not being emotional but you are being very emotional. Emotion and logic don't usually mix and in this case I can tell it really doesn't mix. Everyone wants to be loved. The reason you say you hate her and that you hate love is because you didn't get what you wanted. Don't do anything to yourself, it's not worth it. You can choose to be happy and when you do that better things will come your way. One person isn't the world, there are more girls out there. It's much better to be more calm and relaxed. Just chill out, there's still good in this world. Look for the good, stop thinking about the bad okay =) Relax, you'll be fine.

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