If a guy texts you does that mean

He likes you or us at least interested??

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  • Here's the skinny about guys, if we text you about anything that isn't fact specific, or something only you could answer, basically says we're willing to hit that, unless you have a hot best friend, then he's f****** with you (in which case he's a huge d***), guys talk, text, communicate to people like we shop, we don't talk for the sake of talking, but just cause a guy is willing to have s** with you doesn't mean they like you, could just mean they're h****, bored, or maybe its just a monday, anyway point is don't play your cards till he plays his, and then once he does make him wait for a week before you tell him how you really feel (not to play games, its to make sure he's not gonna just bang ya then never call you again) a guy who's willing to work through a rejection likes a girl, if not he'll just brush it off and move on.

  • It depends on what the text says. Don't read too much into it, but it's possible. He could also just want to be friends. Either way, just take it as it is...a text :-)

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