Why is Perfection Unobtainable?

I am a 16 year old girl.
I am a Christain.
I am in all honors classes.
I am a junior taking college algebra.
I only have one B in History of the Americas.
In all my other classes I have an A.
I have Rhuematiod Arthritis.
I have anxiety problems.
Many boys like me.
I do not believe any of them.
I have trust problems.
I was sexually harrased when I was 11.
I had a body image disorder for 3yrs now.
I have starved myself a couple of times.
I obsess over my body.
Thin = Beauty
I am 5'7.
I am 117pds.
I am fat.
But only I see this.
I am a white, middle class girl, I am an perfectionist and overachiever.[I am another statistic to eating disorders].
I seek approval of others.
I want to be liked by all.
I am in love with a boy who will never love me.
I blame myself for this because I can not seem to stop having small crushes on other boys.
No he does not know I like him.
I go to his facebook to look at his pictures and listen to love songs everyday.
I feel that I love him but am not good enough.
I wish I would stop crushing on other guys while liking him though.
I need perfect grades, I need to be told my worth.
Even though I do not accept compliments.
I told my teacher, the school nurse, and two friends about how I eat unhealthly.
I thought it would help.
It does sometimes.
But then there are the moments when I lose control of things in life and the only thing left to control is how much food I take in.
If you are a girl reading this.
You are beautiful
Dont you ever forget it
Dont listen to others
You will make great things
You will help many and make many people smile
If you can be strong for me and overcome or avoid an eating disorder or the other things I have listed I know I can find the strength to one day be happy again. God loves you and he finds you beautiful <3

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  • I found peace in God. I strayed from him for so long. Practiced sorcery.Defied him. But that only made my life worse. Then I read the Left Behind series, and listened to TobyMac. I wouldn't consider myself skinny or fat but am perfectly happy with my weight. Your weight doesn't make you who you are. You make yourself who you are. About school, I am a shy loner with a small band of friends, and then a couple I don't hang out with because of their bad influence. Anyway, I now fully believe in God and Jesus. I am Christian.

  • wow that is so sad.
    do you have any older siblings you can talk to?
    I have an older brother and it helped so much because parents probably wouldnt understand

  • whhy u teeilng other pple to stop if u dnt

  • You should try telling someone such as a family member closet to you and just remember that everyone is beautiful and NO one is perfect

    P.S don't listen to the rude comments!!! Everyone has there own problems and we must except that

    I hope I helped and I hope it gets better!! ?

  • wow you have been through so much how are you at this point are you getting through it all or are you still trying to be perfect just remember no one is perfect and share your problem with family\friends so they can hopefully encourage you to stop and see that you are beautiful

  • just another girl seking 4 atentionm

  • At this point I am still trying to get through it, but some days are easier than others.

  • wow i feel bad but you sound like you would be pretty so just stop worrying cause you probably are very pretty and you are not FAT AT ALL !!!!!!!!!!!

  • thank you. it means alot. especially when some people decided to negatively comment on a post that shares some of the darkest sides of me. your short encouragment managed to put a smile on my face and for that i am ever greatful.

  • Your so skinny your 5'7 and 117 pounds! You need to gain weight not lose it !

  • You haven't seen me.

  • are u kiddin meh u think ur fat where did chu get thus idea from.. geez

  • I have the same problem...almost exactly what advice would you give me ?

  • I am not exactly the best person to give advice since I too am still struggling. I do encourage you to stop looking at magazines and any media source that influences your perception on beauty. Also do not hang out with people who constantly critize their bodies because it will only lead you to do the same. Look at all that is beautiful about you and let that be what helps you through a tough day as well as having a friend in which you can confide in and that can reassure you of your value and beauty. Please next time you think of starving yourself rememeber I need you to be strong for me as well as I will try to be strong for you and every other young girl out there who is fighting this battle with themselves and what the world wants them to be. I will be praying for you and I hope that one day this will all pass and you will be able to help someone who is going through the same thing

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