Nieghbor with Benefits..

I have a sexual/friendship relationship with my next door neighbor. It began when I first saw him strip in front of his window while I was on the porch. He had an amazing body and from what I could see, an amazing...well...asset. It happened twice in a two week period after I moved in. I thought for sure it was some fetish of his- he is married with four children- and it so happens he and I have a mutual friend. So I tell our friend thinking it's hilarious and knowing he would say something to him. He did. That very night, whilst his wife was working (2nd shift) he came directly to my porch to confront me. I laughed and said it was funny and I called him "my stripper" to my friends. He stared me directly in the face and said, "I can give you a closer show if you'd like." I froze- first of all completely smitten with his confidence and directness, and secondly because I didn't want to start anything.."you don't s*** where you eat." I told him no thanks, I'd rather keep it in the window. Needless to say, he gave me quite the show that night.
The next day I mowed my lawn looking as nasty as ever and he waved, I waved back nonchalantly. Later that night, I was on my porch again and he came directly up to me again and asked if I liked the show. I told him it was great and laughed. He then showed me his immensely large member and asked if I'd like a little taste... I was going insane. I kept saying, "Please don't tease me. I know you'll eventually wear me down, but this is far too soon." Happy that my 18 year old was home, I knew it wouldn't be long, but not right then. As if by chance, my son came out and announced he was sleeping over at my mother's. The neighbor stood there continuing to nonchalantly talk to me and when my son left, came directly up to me on the porch! He came closer and closer within a matter of a minutes. He was so f****** confident!
I caved. I led him upstairs where we had the most incredibly sensual, breathtaking s** ever. He said he loves his wife and family very much and has zero desire for anything more than what we have. This makes the situation unbearable for me. I hate relationships and this is the most utterly perfect situation for me although I KNOW it is wrong......
I am single and have no desire for anything more than this in my life. Why can't I find a single guy who is that sexy, confident and hung? Christ, they all say that would be the perfect situation, but none ever follow through! Neighbor boy is 10 years younger than I and undeniably far more experienced in not only sexual matters but cultural and life as well. HUGE turn on to me. I feel like the stereotypical mistress without the gifts and luxurious lifestyle that should accompany it! I can't tell a soul so I've decided to post on this site....How in the h*** do I reconcile my desires with my morals? I do actually have them despite the contrary actions. I would never cheat if I were in a relationship! But I'm not....... and I guess I'd rather he be with me than some crazy broad who would try to destroy a family.

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  • forget meeting the neighbor, i wanna me the lady who wrote this

  • Hey, where do you live, anyways? I'd like to meet your neighbor...hahahahaaaaaaa

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