The Neighbor

Our neighbor got divorced from her husband a few months ago. My wife and I like to have drinks out in our patio on the weekends. We were outside as usual and our neighbor was out on her porch alone, so we called her over and she joined us. We were drinking beer she was drinking Moscow Mules, she ran out and asked my wife to go with her to her house to get another drink, she agreed and they left and were gone for a while. When they returned my wife whispered to me that the neighbor had come on to her pinned her to the wall and started kissing her and sucking her b**** she said. I asked them to show me what they did it was so hot we went inside and we all kissed the neighbor started eating my wife’s p**** as I f***** her, she came in her mouth, I came inside my neighbor it was an unforgettable night. We haven’t hooked up again because she started dating some guy but we still flirt and look forward to her next breakup

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  • I'm f****** my girlfriends mom. I never expected it to happen but it did.
    My girlfriend and I live together. We had a big rain storm hit the area and my girlfriends mother called to say her basement was flooding. I went over with the pump and got drenched. The streets were flooded and I called my girlfriend to tell her I was staying at her moms until the water went down. While I was there I decided to take a shower. My girlfriends mother brought me some sweatpants to put on but didn't figure I would be out of the shower that quickly. When she walked in I was standing there naked. Her eyes got really big and before I knew it she was stroking my d***. I tried to tell her we shouldn't do this but my d*** was so hard and I was h****. We ended up f******. Now we f*** whenever we get the chance. I know it's wrong but I just get so h**** when I'm with her. She has bigger t*** than my girlfriend. She has a bigger ass than my girlfriend. And she has a tighter p****. She also gives me b******* and my girlfriend thinks that is disgusting and won't do it. I just have way better s** with my girlfriends mom than I do with my girlfriend. I have no doubt my girlfriend will find out eventually but hopefully I can still f*** her mom after she dumps me.

  • So you're having s** with both your girlfriend and her mother?
    Men are a f****** pigs.

  • So is the mother. Women are pigs too

  • ^^ why are you so angry?^^

  • Big turn on seeing you mother in law sucking you’re c***.

  • I let my father inlaw finger my p**** one time. I was drunk and my husband was out of town. I called him to come get me from the bar. When we got to my house I sat in the car and he ran his hand up my skirt pulled my panties to the side and pushed a couple fingers into me. I let him do it I was h**** and did not take long to get off. We never spoke of it.

  • You should ashamed of yourself for not speaking up. This man raped you and you said nothing.

  • What the h*** is wrong with you? Not every woman is abused because you think they are. No, he didn't. I let it happen so I'm just as much to blame as he is.

  • Lol she said she was h**** and let him do it. And she c** quick.

  • Mmmm was you young

  • My husband and I were highschool sweethearts. We got married out of highschool. This happened not long after I turned 21.

  • I bet you’re father in-law loved fingering a juicy 21 yr old p**** I would ov had my hand in your bra too x

  • I'm sure he did. I'm also sure he probably would have f***** me had I let him.

  • How old his he did you want his c*** as I finger f***** your juice little c*** x I bet he was sucking his fingers on the way home

  • Actually I wasn't even thinking about his c*** or him. I just knew it felt really good and I didn't want him to stop, probably because I was h****.

  • Did you open your legs wide for him.

  • At first no I didn't. I actually put my hand on his and stopped him from running his hand up my skirt. I don't remember exactly what I said, but it was something like "no, we can't"
    Then I just kind of let go and let him advance. First he lightly touched my p**** through my panties. Then he started to rub my c***. That's when I opened my legs and he pulled my panties to the side. He rubbed my c*** more, and then push one finger up inside me as he used his thumb to rub my c***. Then he pushed two and then three fingers into me. That's when I orgasmed.

  • So he fingered you better than your husband ever has I bet he wanted. Your little p**** when you first started dating his son. Was he ever looking you up and down.

  • Yes, I would say he fingered me better. My husband never really fingers me. And yes I would say he looks me up and down even now I still catch him looking at my ass and checking out my t***. I have no doubt he would f*** me if I came on to him.

  • I know how he feels I have a daughter 27 I’d love to fk her friends even when they was 19. I used to look at them there little bums and young perky t*** yes please. X

  • Yeah my husband has a few uncles, one brother, and 5 or 6 friends who all look at me like they would have their clothes off before I could finish saying yes. Other than my husband, his dad is the only one who has even come close to having actual s** with me. To be honest. Had I not orgasmed from him fingering me that night. I probably would have let him have s** with me. After I orgasmed though, I kind of snapped out of it and asked myself what the heck was I doing. I didn't even say anything. I just got out of the car and went inside. The next day he asked me if I was ok. I simply said "yes, why?" And he said "no reason". We never spoke about it.

  • Yes but u must have a filthy sexy mind to let him do it.

  • Well like I said I was drunk and h**** at the time. I had also never had s** with anyone other than my husband up to that point.
    Besides that, doesn't everyone who reads Confessions Post have somewhat of a dirty mind?

  • Yes that’s why you and me are talking because we both get h**** reading each other’s reply’s. are you wet. When u read mine lol. I’d love my hand up your skirt. X

  • I bet you would love to put more than just your hand up my skirt. And yes, I do get wet reading replies from this site. It's better than reading erotica were I can't comment and be involved.
    Have you stroked your d*** yet thinking about my wet p****?
    If not, picture this. I'm 5'8", 140 pounds, dishwater blonde hair (real, not colored), and full C small D t***. I have a nice little round butt (according to my husband) and I wax my p****.

  • Mmmm you sound lovely I’d have my head up your skirt and lick that juicy bald p**** of yours and I love a dirty blond and yes my c*** is rock hard thinking of eating you out x

  • So if I did pull my skirt off and slip out of my panties for you, what exactly would you do to my p**** with your tongue? Do you have a big d***? Would you f*** my p**** hard?
    If you give me a good story about what you would do, I'll get wet and finger my p**** as I read how you would f*** me.

  • If you slipped out of your knickers just for me I would lick and suck all the places you’re husband can never seem to years of marriage. You must be longing for a Different pair of hands all over your body grapping and squeeze your bits. Once I have licked your p**** deep and it’s open ready for a nice hard f***. I’ll push my fat 8 inch c*** into you as I pull your hair and smash your p**** until you beg me too stop. I’m so h**** I think I’ll f*** my wife. But I’d so sooner have you in my bed. I need to feel that l*** and passion again don’t you miss that too baby xx

  • This happened to me but it was with my sons wife and she has never said anything to her husband that his dad and mom was having s** with her while he was at work. Now she has a secret from him and I use it to meet with her again and again behind my wife's back for nothing more than s** with my son's wife. I've c** inside of her so much I think she might get pregnant with my kid and not my sons kid. I think she is just a tramp without anyone really knowing the truth about her

  • I f***** my sons wife big turn on bad but I could not resist her young body.

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