I like to write dirty stories for my wife

I like to write stories for my wife....
This is my latest one...
Leading you by the hand into a room filled with flickering light, feint wafts of scented candles and a soft mattress spread with petals of the reddest roses, I'll smile and embrace you firmly.

Kissing you passionately I'll run my hands over your sexy body finding the weak spots in your clothing, remembering in detail how to remove them quickly for the mission that lay ahead.

Walking you backwards until your legs make contact with the back of the bed, I'll kiss you hard and push you affectionately onto your back, admiring the way your hair falls around your face and the glow in your eyes from the flickering candle flames dancing wildly on the bedside tables.

Lifting your legs I'll remove your shoes, one and then the other.
Tickling your toes because i know you can't stand it, just to see that amazing smile illuminate your face.

Slowly from your toes to your neck, ill kiss you slowly for what will seem like an eternity. Only stoping briefly at the sensitive places just to tease and provoke you.
As you reach out to embrace me, i will intercept your arms and push them to your side, reminding you that this is my time, and you will have to wait. Ima in the drivers seat tonight!

Returning my attention to your soft lips and moist tongue i will resume the passionate kissing, tasting your breath and savoring the soft fullness of your lips.
Slowly moving to your neck with soft kisses, my hands will work to free you of our shirt, leaving the whiteness of your skin growing in the candle.light.

Clumsy as always I'll struggle with your bra clasp, wrestling until your beautiful b****** fall free.
Feeling impressed with my efforts so far, I'll return to your mouth, kissing you again with renewed passion and l***.

Moving my attention once again to your neck, kissing softly and nibbling gently on your ear lobes. Feeling you become increasingly excited underneath me i will slowly travel south.

Kissing your chest and finding your erect nipple, I'll circle it with my tongue before playfully chewing and sucking.
Just to keep it fair I'll move to the other breast and give it the same treatment, before returning once again to the middle of your chest.

A cheeky grin for you before i continue on my southbound journey.
Kissing sooo slowly you will probably become impatient, until i reach your belly button.
Here i will pause for a moment, exploring your entirety as my hands fumble with your waistline and my mind struggles to remember how it was i planned to remove your pants

Gripping your pants at the waist i will remove your pants and underwear in one smooth move.

Stopping briefly to admire your nakedness, I'll pick up where i left off.
Kissing from your belly button until i reach your soft fury patch.

Not spending as much time as you like, i'll simply brush past the magic button, only giving it one gentle kiss.
Moving southward, much to your dismay I will continue kissing down the inside of your thigh, softly and slowly until reaching your ankle.
So as not to spoil the mood by touching the feet, i'll return north on the same leg... slowly sucking and licking your leg nearing closer to the prize.

Reaching the top of your legs, kissing and licking I will stop for only a second or two at the place you want me to most.
Long enough to taste the sweetness of the necter flowing from your body, moving on to the other leg.

Feeling your body arch in anticipation as I make my way down your other leg in will only make it half way, unable to torture you any longer.

Returning to your place of pleasure, I will kiss gently at first before letting my tongue unleash its magic, exploring every crevice and flavor that flows from your happy place.
Paying attention to your magic button, I will kiss, suck and lick until you squirm with extasy, travelling south and allowing my tongue to venture into your sweet welcoming entryway, enjoying the warmness and flavor that flows from within you.

Looking up at your face and catching the whiteness of your teeth in the dim lighting, noticing how when you smile your face glows with happiness, I kiss my way back to your mouth before wrestling your tongue with mine.

Lying on top of you I cup your b****** with my hands and brush my throbbing member on your legs, letting it be known how much my body is aching for yours, my jeans tight on my groin and my heart beating hard in my chest, I raise to my knees and remove my shirt, so fast it was as if by magic!
Kicking myself for not removing it before, I struggle with my belt one handed, all the while keeping you pinned to bed, refusing to allow you help!
After all its not your turn yet, im still driving this train, driving you crazy and making you want more then i'm Willing to provide you with just yet.

Now naked and kneeling before you taking time to admire the view.

Your b****** seeming to pool languidly, your erect nipples pointing upward.
My eyes scan over the tight curls of hair, the slit, opening just slightly for me.

By this time im just on the verge of control, wondering if you might like it a little rough, not violent, but just a bit feral.

Bending your legs at the knees,
I open you, crawl between your knees and move my c*** towards you.
Now willing to let you be a participant in tonights proceedings, i allow you to take my shaft in your fingers, letting you get excied as you feel the heat from within me and guide my muscle into your still wet and dripping p****.

Ill watch you gasp as i desperately plunge into you, shoving myself to the hilt. Moving beneath me, yoiu grind your c*** up on me until i pull back for another thrust.

It's hot, fast and hard as our bodies slam together, each drawing pleasure from the other, each giving as we take. We c** together, the urgency splashing from us in wet spurts and pulsing contractions.

I will allow my weight to fall upon you, savoring the pressure, the warm wetness inside you and even, the always slightly sad and strange feel of my c*** slipping out of you.

Lying tangled in arms, legs, sweat and the sweet smell of s** we will relax for a while, not talking, just listening to each other breath.

Oct 10, 2011

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  • S** isn't always the main event.
    Sometimes its more fun to do the build up first.
    Alot of guys have difficulty with s**, duration and even making women reach climax.
    I must say I wish my husband would send me email like that when im working ;-)

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