I hate teenagers

Dear god how I hate teenagers. Bunch of annoying, shallow, whiny, cliquey, know-all little prats. Especially the girls. Competitive, stuck-up, anorexic little drama queens.
Stand there giving everyone the evil eye to everyone else.

Or the emo teenagers writing their dark poetry on the park benches, sitting around complaining about how sh*t their life is even though they're usually spoilt brats from good families who don't f*cking appreciate it.
My heart is a black abyss boo hoo.

Was so glad when the school holidays were over just so I could go into town without hearing their fake-American accents squealing "Oh mai gawwwd Justin Bieberrr LOLZZZ".

I sound like a right old git. :D
Bah! Humbug!

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  • I saw a couple teen girls at the mall and they had on light colored slacks. Visible panty lines. I came straight home and beat off.

  • I'm with you!
    Whiney, self indulged, drama queens. Straight out discrimination here but the worst have always got a rich or weak-willed parent.
    They've had it too easy and they have absolutely nothing worth whining about half the time.
    ALSO, teenagers are getting younger!!
    F****** 12 year olds strutting around looking for attention and b******* about how abhorret their lives are.

    Plus it takes far too much money too make them look so cheap.

  • Iknow. and WE were never like that.... right???? ;)

  • And do you really understand those teenagers situations? Some of those kids who you really don't like because they are always saying about how bad their lives are, actually do have bad lives. Also, how can you call someone lazy without understanding their situation? Personally it took me a long time when I was a teenager to want to start working, not because I was lazy but because I had never had a job before and I was scared. It's seriously ignorant to judge a whole group of people based off of some of the experiences that you've had, that you thought you knew about. For instance, some kids bully and beat up other kids and are real jerks in school, but those kids who are getting beat up don't see that that kid is actually being beaten by his drunken dad at home and doesn't know how to cope.

  • Sounds like you have your own issues. I wouldn't be judging other people that you don't even know because it sounds like you're complaining for a very stupid reason as well. Discriminating is also very ignorant. Not every teenager is the way that you think them to be. I don't understand how you can judge a whole group of people that you've never even met. Besides that, so what if they like Justin Bieber? You're going to hate on someone because of their taste in music/artists? Sounds pretty shallow to me. Many of my friends like things that I would call idiotic but It would be pretty shallow of me to not be their friends, or hate on them just because of a minor detail like that. They're my friends because of who they are, not what they like.

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