Am I a paedo

I have masterbated infront of young teenagers 13/14 I have shown my p**** on webcam to a 12 yr old which I deeply regret.I find 13+ girls very sexy but I wouldn't try anything because I wouldn't want them to go through life traumatised.I fantasise about 14/15 yr old girls and enjoy seeing pics,does that make me a paedophile?

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  • Actually a Pedophile is interested in prepubescent children. It sounds to me like you are more into teenagers. Ephebophilia is where an adult has a sexual attraction to teens.

  • Yeah, you are a pedophile. Wish you weren't lesbian though, 14m here, wish I could see that.

  • Yes, you are a pedophile, and no, contrary to what one person said IT IS NOT OK! Even if the kid IS willing, THEY do not know any better. Most of them are very hormone driven, and make stupid choices. You as the adult should know better, and YES it can traumatize kids, and mess up their lives.

  • First of all, you are a pedophile but so am I and so are millions of other men and women whether thay want to admit it or not, but there is nothing wrong with being a pedophile it's simply a sexual orientation or preference it's not sick and it's not perverted and no child or teenager willing to see you j******* or have s** with well be traumatized, it's only when you force an unwilling child or for that matter when you force an unwanted act on anyone who is unwilling that there is a possiblity of mental or physical trauma. And right now I see that the only people traumatized are the commentors on your post and with attitudes such as theirs most likely they'll teach their children to grow up to be traumatized also....

  • that makes sense..but the majority wont understand,,,,if someone is looking for that..and u show them's a learning situation not a perverted one...i think....

  • Thanks! yeah they won't understand because they don't want to, they olny wanna believe in what they were taught to believe as children(pedophilia, masturbation, age gap relationships, etc, are wrong) and then they repeat the damaging cycle by passing these faults beliefs to their own children, it's easier for them to just accept and follow then to question and seek out true answers, most people are followers who believe and obey all the desceptive lies that some societal leaders want us to believe is the norm, but more research in to beliefs such as this are beganning to prove that those old misconceptions are far more wrong and damaging to society then they are right.... anyway your right it would be a learning situation and not a perverted one.

  • You are a Pedo. Oh and you are also going to h***.

  • LOL... like being called a pedo is supossed to make us feel bad? grow up youngter, oh and didn't you know that there is no such place as h***, yep it's only a man made concept. do your research before you start shooting your mouth off..

    P.S. Is that what they call putting your foot in your mouth? LOL..........

  • Most likely your going to h*** also, so be careful of the the bullshit that comes out of your mouth!

  • Yes it does make u a paedo. The only difference between u and one that is messing up young girl's lives is the opportunity afforded them. In their case they go out and find their prey. In your case, if it was handed to u on a plate I don't think u would have any power to turn away from it. The mere fact that u think constantly of it and pursue it in your mind tells me that it's just a matter of time before u make your fantasies a reality.

  • Text me ill send plenty of pics ;) btw im 14

  • Do you have kik? Im 13

  • First of all learn how to spell pedophile, Second your a f****** pedophile for Christs sake! Nasty ass guy Hope you get butt raped at prison were you belong :DD

  • Yes this is sick

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