I love my sister

I have a married little sister now 30.She has 3 kids.She is cute,kind,considerate,honest,funny,shapely,generous,devoted,loving, the list is endless.
She has been nice to me ever since she was a baby and we get along better than I have ever gotten with 3 ex wives and several girlfriends.
I wish I could find a wive just like her.I wish it was legal for brother and sister to marry.I would marry my sister and I know we will live happily ever after!

Oct 11, 2011

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  • Same with my hot older sister. We've had s** for years, she's still the most beautiful, sexy woman I've ever known, and she's always been there for me, especially when no one else knew. I've been there for her as well, both of our divorces, dating h***, etc, and I still always come back to "Nobody is her". And they're not.

    Closest I came to having a woman I was with find that out was on the way back from a family gathering, where my hot older sister and I did spend a lot of time together, including an extended trip to the mini-mart for her smokes. Not going to lie, we just wanted time together. On the drive back, the woman I was dating first said it was so nice that sister and I were so close, and oh, she's so hot, too, isn't she, bet you've seen a lot of her, maybe even naked..All this stuff leading up to her saying "If someone didn't know better, they'd think you two are doing nasty things together..Just seem so..Close, you know? Like a relationship".

    I was able to deflect and deny, while my brain was thinking "Well, it IS a relationship, and we have gotten nasty! I freaking love her!"

  • I feel the exact same way about my little sister and she does feel the same way about me. I get along with her better than all girlfriends and ex-wives I have ever had. Thats one woman who loves for real. She is married and has kids. I took her virginity when she was a teenager,and we had s** again when she was in her early 30s. Good kisser,excellent lover,beautiful. We always say to each other we should elope and live happily ever after. Bad thing is,we live in two different continents.

  • Both men and women have incest fantasies.In the olden times,somee prominent people I have read about used to marry sisters. I wish I lived during that time,lol.

  • Well,my sister lives very far away from me.We had an exchange of texts back and forth today and here are some of the things she told me;
    - I love you from my heart,you mean a lot to my world..
    -I wish you were the daddy to my kids..love you
    -you treat me so passionately..
    -if you were my boyfriend,you would be the best I have ever had
    -you make me feel like the best woman in the world..

    I just picked a few of what she said.Though I did not include what i said to her to be fair,I just think she makes my day every day:)

  • You treat her passionately ? Hmmmmmm. Interesting choice of word there. And the rest of it ? She wants to f*** you. OH yeah.

  • wtf ... she's your sister. Love her like one- as she does you !

  • How should I love her?

  • I think you need to at least f*** her once or twice.

  • But she is my sister!

  • Quit giving me excuses. Do you think she'd be interested in f****** you or not ?

  • Honestly,I think she will.
    Shecalls me names like darling,special brother,sweetheart, etc or always says I miss you,I love you.She gives me the best hugs in the world,does laundry for me anything.She is a total sweetheart.

  • ooooooooo, the best hugs in the world huh ? b****** pressing into you more than they should be ? maybe hugging you for a little tooooo long, for being your sister ? I think you should tell her you wish she wasn't your sister and that you could find and marry someone like her...and see what happens. she might think you're the biggest creep of all time or she might just throw you down on the bed and ride your c***. I'd sure love to know what happens.....

  • lol, that is amazing thinking:)Are you a lady or a gentleman?

  • I'm a pervy woman. And what makes you ask ?

  • was wondering if that was a man or woman's thinking:)

  • did you think only men have incest fantasies and desires, is that it?

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