I went to work this morning and was

I went to work this morning and was fired on the spot. It was my first real job, and I worked very hard at what I did and went above and beyond the normal employee. All along my bosses have praised my work, and in an instant I'm told that my work is terrible. I was calm and asked to get my things from my desk and they said if I came inside the office that they would call the police. I won't even want my stuff now, I feel betrayed because I thought my bosses and fellow co-workers were also my friends. I'm probably going to lose my apartment and my car because I was living paycheck to paycheck. Not smart, however the cost of living is through the roof.

I think I woke up this morning in the bizarro world.

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  • What did it state in your employment contract,inregards to be dismissed? There should be,by law; policies and procedures in your workplace.Are you a member of an employment rights company?
    In the UK,employees are protected more,within any work establishment.Where are you from?

  • go back there with a rifle and shoot the place up!

  • corporate america for you people in a job are never your friends they use you and then throw you away like a piece of garbage never get attached to a job beacuse it could be here today and gone tommorow in an instant these people really don't care if you live or die if you don't know that yet you will learn

  • I lost my job on the spot today. I know exactly how you feel. It was my first REAL job, I worked my ass off and did more work than anyone in my department.. At the end of my shift today I was escorted out the door. Unlie the 5 people fired before me today I walked out with dignity.. When I got to the parking lot...

    All my friends were waiting on me. I climbed on top of my truck and screamed many naughty naughty words to my former boss to the cheers of my friends. Needless to say I rode out in style, music blaring, tires squealing, and a whole crowd cheering.

    F*** the corporate world.

  • A similar thing happened to me 4 years ago, I survived and you will also. I agree with the comment that they cannot stop you from getting your personal stuff, I would call the police and ask them about getting your personal property back.

  • Were you working for IBM by any chance? Or as a temp?

  • It's hard to believe they didn't give you any warning signs that your job was in jeapordy, or put you on probation or something along those lines. Anyway if you have anyone at the company that still likes you try to use them as references to get another job. And don't be so h****** yourself for living paycheck to paycheck if you live in a place where the cost of living is very high. That's actually the state for a lot of people.


  • What the h***? They won't let you get your stuff? Sounds less than legal.

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