The N word nailed a young black co worker

I worked in a warehouse most of my working career. Maybe I could have done better but the allure of a steady paycheck out weighed the chance of making more money somewhere else. I worked hard with little thanks and a mediocre paycheck. I was proud of my work ethic even if I was over worked and underpaid and un appreciated.

I was getting old so they hired a young nineteen year old black kid to help me. He received the same pay and employee benefits that I did. I could tell he had no respect for his old white co worker.

One day he was on the phone with a black lady who also worked for the same company and he was in a rage arguing with her. He called her a n***** and hung up on her. I told him he had better apologize to her if he wanted to keep his job but he just shrugged me off and shook his head. I saw that it was no use.

About twenty minutes later he was on break somewhere when our manager walked in and asked where he was. I said I didn't know but to check outdoors.

Two or three minutes later I saw the both of them walking towards HR. I feared the worst.

About ten minutes later he came to the warehouse and picked up his jacket and left. He had been fired. In all my thirtyfive years with this company I had always gotten along with my fellow workers.

His termination put me in a bind because home office said they had a hiring freeze going on and that no one would be hired to replace him. This meant more hard work and much much overtime. I worked many Saturdays and came in early and left late for several years.

Age sixtysix rolled around and they told me I had to retire. I wanted to work till I was seventy so that I could collect more social security at that age but they said no.

It was goodbye old white boy.

I wrote this story to warn people young and old not to use insulting and to especially not use racial epithets while on the job. In fact if you are entering the workforce you might want to close your facebook account in case someone there says something that will get you fired.

Even if you are a black person yourself do not use the N word. It got my brash young black co worker fired big time.

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  • Very good post!

    Sadly, the N word is used so much nowadays that I hear little 6 yr olds using it in my neighborhood. They either learn from their parent or the awful rap music that exists now.

    It is a sad world we live in now, glad I grew up in the 70's.

    Side note: I love Hulk Hogan and that poor man lost his career over that word. If it wasn't said at work this seems unfair.

    I hear it at least 10x's a day were I live -Boston. If kids aren't taught correct behavior they are going to fail!

    Thank you for posting something that may help

  • Never

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