Sick of Hurting

That you say you miss me and think about me all the time, but you are only saying it because you "don't want to hurt me".
Well you should have hurt me a year ago, and then left me alone instead of calling me or emailing me. When it was over so long ago, now I have lost something I can never get back and you have one on the way.
And a month ago, all I wanted to finish this, I just wanted 5min of your time, that's all and you still had to throw her up in my face again. About how stressed you were because of her.
And then in the email the next day you did it again.
Sadly what I really wanted to say was, now you have a small experience of what I had to go through, and you got to keep yours I did not.
You said to me you weren't going to throw away 10 years, how you wished none of this had happened, how you only kept going because you didn't want to hurt me. I am just sick to death of all your crap, I really am. And because I promised you I would never say anything, I have to live with the guilty and the wondering if the reason I lost the one thing that I wanted in the whole world was because of all the stress with you. You are a selfish man and you are right about one thing you once said to me, people are horrible, and you are one of them.

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  • I know you will look here at some point, but after all this and after what just happened I think I hate you more now then I ever did before.
    On a Thru. you said you loved me and then on a Monday you said we had no connection. Wow, that's news to must have gotten laid then.
    I guess I was a w**** again to let you in and I must love pain, because that's all you've ever given to me. I wish I have never met you and I regret ever talking to you or telling you how I ever felt, because I don't feel anything but hate for you now. You never had to use your job to get rid of were doing a pretty good job that Monday morning. Your job just made it a little easier for you. I tried to be your friend, but all you ever wanted was s**. At least I know what kind of person you really are. I thought you were someone diffrent, boy was I wrong.

  • I wouldn't be saying "You go girl" to someone who is being hateful towards someone, even if it's for a just reason. The guy did wrong, get over him, forgive, forget and move on. Hate doesn't bring anything good.

  • This is me that wrote this I wasn't being hateful toward someone. The person is selfish, he only wanted to make himself happy and when she needed him the most he ignored her, that's not a friend.
    In the end I realized I just don't care anymore. I really don't. Why would anyone want to be with someone like that. There will never be any forgiving, already moved on and he will defiantly be forgot, he already has been.:-)

  • You GO girl ! SNAP !

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