Should I or Should I not?

I am 46 and my ex girlfriend is 26.We have two kids together and we broke up last week because she got back with one of her ex boyfriends whom she intends to marry in 3 years.
Her aunt,30,(by marriage) and uncle lives in another country with our kids for the moment.The aunt has a ten year old daughter and has been unable to conceive another baby.Everything they have done to have a baby together has been in vain.
I had a conversation tonight with my ex girlfriend and I told her that I feel so bad that her aunt has been unable to conceive in 10 years.She seems to think that the uncle has a problem. She said that if her aunt could sleep with another guy she will conceive for sure.She then asked me if I could be willing to help her out.I thought about it and told her that her aunt is sweet and I would do it only if it will not hurt her relationship or if her man was okay with it.My ex said I should do it but the three of us will keep it a secret.I am not sure if my ex will keep her end of the bargain.The aunt's man is my ex's mom's brother.
I will be delighted to help her but am not sure.Should I or should I not?
This is a serious issue and please give serious responses only.Thanks.

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  • UPDATES: Ran into this on the popular section. After a hard fight,we modified our custody arrangement but still retained the joint custody. My ex got married to a totally different guy and they have a two year old son now. I get along with her better and she gives me no issues really;I even eat at her house sometimes. The aunt(Rebby) that my ex was hooking me up with broke up with her husband. Although Rebby is healthy,I found out that her hubby had a bad sexual disease. I have met with her maybe two more times,slept with her in the same bed but simply fingered her. On our last encounter in late 2015,I met Rebby's younger sister for the second time. She liked me and wants me to sleep with her next time we meet. Although I communicate with Rebby less frequently in the past year,I think I may pass on s** with her because of her ex's sexual disease. I would love getting with Rebby's teenage daughter but she is only 14.

  • You're a liar!!

  • I was over at my ex gal's house and her and her aunt were talking on the phone.I asked the aunt if she would have s** with me when i visit in december.My ex was encouraging her to.Aunt was reluctant to commit but ex says she does not care coz she got a new man.I think the aunt might give it to me,lol

  • indeed i am.she just got engaged to an ex boyfriend(his wife passed away this year)and hes around my age if not older and has 3 kids. She most like older men uh!

  • oh and you're way too old for your ex

  • So was you mum but I still did her bum 57 times.

  • Why doesn't she just go to a sperm bank?

  • I talked to her about that today and she seemed excited.But later she told me her hubby's relatives want her gone for so many other reasons.She feels overwhelmed and doesn't think she can hang on. She wants it to end so she can find another guy,start a fresh and move on.

  • She might have some issues but am not sure.I was shocked that she asked me to go into the bed she shared with the husband but I didnt mind-i wanted her.Sometimes if a woman says no it may be no for sure.So i just humped her thighs and sucked her nice little b****** and, since I hadn't had s** for months,i exploded.
    It was after that that she motioned me to finger her and she satisfied her desires and left almost right away.It may have been selfish on her part but I figured she'd done me a favor.Just looking at her,I never thought she will cheat on her man but I guess they have more issues than I knew about at the time.

  • i think it is a nice gesture. but you cant do it secretly. either he knows or u dont do it. u might begin to feel like the child is yours or they might split and she goes after you for support. i think you should do it, but legally

  • I agree with you completely and that is what I told my ex to tell her aunt.I wanna do it with both the uncle and aunt's consent and knowledge.She told the aunt this and the aunt was supposed to discuss it with the uncle.So far,I have no update but i know its coming.


  • The more i think about it,the more i agree with your 4 words:).

  • No, you know the saying, "anything you do can be used against you." The ex is pushing you to sleep with the Aunt.... why? What would that be important to her? I don't know, to prove the ill action if there is a custody case for the kids. Who knows. I just know it sounds like a bad idea, and can end up hurting you, the aunt, her husband, yours and her kids, while your ex sits in the background laughing. Don't do it.

  • Though we have a joint custody, there is no telling how my actions could be twisted later.What she was telling me today is that if I marry her aunt and bring her to our current country, and my ex's kids are over at my house,she will not have to worry about their welfare.She is trying to help her aunt from every angle possible and even passes to her all the gossip that the uncles siblings are dishing out about her.
    My thinking is that her uncle has a low sperm count and cant have a kid.I am not sure they have gone to see a real doctor,they have been seeing traditional medicinemen for almost 11 years.Amazing!

  • heck, it will give you an excuse to bang the aunt, might be some good s** you get out of it

  • Few months ago,we got together in the aunt's bed and we did everything except have real intercourse.She begged me not to penetrate and I respected that and did not.After I came all over her tummy,she motioned me to finger her and she came so hard.We did not get a chance to do it again.Her and I are behaving like nothing has happened betwen us.She begged me not to say anything and I havent except here.I cannot say that all was great,but then she seemed really scared and unsure then.

  • so she blew you or jerked you off and you made her c** really hard but she didnt want you to penetrate? yeah i think this aunt has some issues so you should just forget about this

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