I feel so alone.

I don't have anyone to talk to. I have so many things to say about topics in which I'm interested, but none of my friends seem to care about the same things I do. They don't like to analyze things the way I do. They just kind of like to sit and enjoy, which I think is okay, but it's not engaging to me in the least.

I have a best friend. I pour my heart out to him sometimes. But I always feel as he is completely uninterested in the conversation and wishes I could move on to something else. It breaks my heart. It happened today and I just ended up telling him that if I bored him, he should just tell me. He finally owned up to it and I assured him that I would talk to someone else on the subject to keep him from having to hear about it.

But I don't have anyone else. I'm an adult. No one ever taught you how to make friends aside from being in the same home room with them or working in the same field as a person. I work in the same field as my friends. That's why they're my "friends." But - for all intents and purposes, I feel alone. I feel like crying. I wish I could find someone who intellectually challenges me and wants to debate me on topics well into the night. That's what I want. That's what I need. Until then, I guess I'm alone, right?

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  • If you really want people to talk to then why don't you create and email address and post it on here for potential friends to contact you? Debate that ! :p

  • Read books related to your interests.They are silent but best.

  • Yeah, what do you like to debate about ? give me a clue here and maybe I'll be your friend as well. and if you feel like saying it, are you male or female ?

  • What topics are you wanting to debate. I'm always seeking a challenge. My friends don't listen either. Sometimes they say they are brain dead and can't wrap themselves around the topic or the answer I provide. I'm not looking for anything, other than I'll challenge you, if you can challenge me. Drop me an email at my yahoo address, rcnoe71.

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