Secret desires

I confess that even though I'm a straight woman, I have an occassional desire to have s** with another woman. I know I will never do that, but I think it's because I want to dominate over women. 90% of the h*** I went through in my life was because of blond beyoches telling lies and stirring up trouble. I dream about dominating them sexually. Like me being on top, being the guy. Not having them do things to me sexually, but me doing sexual things to them. I want the control they stole from me back and how fitting to get the upper hand by doing worse than what they did to me? I once dreamt about raping this girl who destroyed my reputation over a stupid comment I made on her page. I dreamt that while she was trying to get away from me, I ripped off her underwear and tribbed her to the point where she came. I know I have control over her anyway because why else would she have gone through the trouble to destroy my relationships that spanned many years? But she'll get hers in the end. I won't rape her because I'm afraid of not only defiling my body by doing unnatural things, but she's been around and I don't want to catch anything.

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  • i used to chat with a lady online who wanted to do that kinda stuff, fight, beat-up and rape a co-worker and her neighbors too, it was fun to imagine doing that

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