Husband's Little Brother

I've been having dreams about my husband's little brother. He's not little per se, we're only 4 years apart and he's old enough to buy alcohol.

But I've been having dreams where I seduce him. The other night I dreamt everyone encouraged us to make out for fun, but I made it even better with lots of tongue and passion to leave him wanting more.

Then last night I dreamt we were all in a cabin together and I was trying to lure him away from everyone so he could try and get some, but he was worried about his brothers finding out.

I've never thought about him sexually before, but I know he likes me and while I'm pretty reserved when I do get talking I am pretty flirty. But now with the idea that he likes me, and the weird feelings cause by the dreams, I'm worried I'll feel a bit more prone to teasing, and teasing always turns me on. This is no good.

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  • Keep it a fantasy until you're ready to tell your hubby about it, because if they're close, he's going to find out- especially if you hit on him and he has high enough morals to resist.

  • Try flashing him in your lingerie or try to go topless in front of him

    i have a similar crush on my wife's sister .. i try to be around her in a towel and just in jeans all the time .. turns me on no end

  • That's too obvious, I need something more subtle.

  • I think you should just bang him!
    That's what I'd do to you if I was in his shoes, just l*** not love

  • As brothers, they're way too tight-knit for that, it would get out so easily. And I don't think he could handle that anyways he's too young, he'd tell everyone.

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