Becoming Laura

I have been secretly taking estrogen with the hope that it will feminize my body to a point where I am very androgynous, even overtly feminine. The problem with this is that my wife doesn't know about my hormones (she thinks I'm just gaining weight) and I know she wouldn't support it if I told her. I've been cross dressing ever since I can remember, maybe I was 5 when first wore some of my sisters underwear to summer camp. As a teenager I would lie in bed wishing to wake up a woman. My wife is a wonderful woman, and I love the life we're creating. I just wish I could love that life with the body I've always dreamt of.

I felt the need to confess my deception and my desire to become a woman. Both are eating at me daily. I know the right thing to do is talk with her about my feelings, but I'm scared of being rejected. So instead I just deceive her and continue to say I have no idea why my body is changing (which is becoming harder and harder to deny). I'm ecstatic about the change, but terrified about what it means for my future.

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  • If you want to remain with her it's very important that you be upfront with her. Eventually she will notice and feel as if you have been hiding things from her, which let's face it is rather true. At some point you just have to bite the bullet and find a way to show that side of yourself to her as smoothly as possible, especially if it's something you plan for her to see more of in the future.

  • Well each person is different, you can only hope she can cope with the change. If she cant then what you have isnt true love, even if you love each other. Best wishes to you hun x

  • You should surprise her one day! Shave, makeup, corset, HOT! She'll f*** your brains out.

  • Better fess up. She will leave you if you dont make her understand.

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