I'm Done.

I got dumped yesterday by a girl who I've liked for years, I always assumed I never had a chance so I just buried those feelings and had other relationships instead. When the opportunity to be with her arose I could hardly turn it down, and that was the first time I'd been happy in months (my previous girlfriend having been emotionally abusive for the majority of our "relationship").

This girl and the rest of the Geography students in my school went to Italy for a four day trip, over these four days she kissed another guy, told people about our relationship despite asking me to keep it a secret and turned everyone against me for some reason. She then dumped me on the day she got back, and everyone was really surprised when I was sad because of it. The truth is that despite being sad, I was mostly just furious.

Now I've lapsed back into depression, I can't focus on anything; I've just stopped feeling anything but Rage, Sorrow and Apathy, but no-one has even noticed.

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