Mask is slipping

Whenever I see my ex and her new boyfriend together I want to kill myself and everyone around me. Its amazing that nobody's noticed how insane I actually am, I'm looking at serial killers for an art project, I constantly joke about dark stuff and I can look at people who've been cleaved in two without flinching.

You'd think someone would either come over and make me feel better by just being there with me, or realise that I would happily kill them all as long as there were no consequences.

Hm. We'll see.

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  • the world needs more people like you. i havent seen a good elusive serial killer in the news in ages. just think. you could make national news, get really famous, and then show your ex gf all the people you killed just to get her attention right before you kill her for not giving you any after all the work you did for her.

  • Regarding your girl, get a hobby or something/someone to preoccupy yourself. The rage/obsession over the ex will fade. I promise you that.

    As for being able to look at gore and not flinch. The real thing, up close and personal, is vastly different, no matter how hardcore you think you are (not an insult, just a fact of life). Any combat veteran will attest to that (same goes for taking a life).

    Bottom line is, as I progressed in life I learned a lot more about what goes into assessing someone's capabilities. No one knows what the person next to them is thinking/capable of. I for one would be more prone to keeping my eye on the quiet 'well-adjusted' looking guy in the room who gets along with people and minds his own business, before I'd worry about the morbid personality type who has been making all the 'dark stuff' jokes.
    Just my .02 ...

  •'re scary

  • Have you thought about talking to a counselor?

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