Teacher Fantasy

I'm an 18 year old girl and I m********* to my 40 year old history teacher every night. I'm his class favorite and whenever he talks to me or treats me special I get turned on. He patted my shoulder once and I almost came in my pants. Once I graduate I want to hook up with him so bad. I've always liked older men but this one is different.

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  • I'd wait, but, if you can do it after you graduate, more power to you. I substitute taught years ago, mostly for middle school level, but, for one teacher, high school juniors and seniors. I was in my early 30s, single, and, yeah...Looked at the hot girls all the time.

    One showed her interest in me, and, while I didn't act on it, did keep my eyes on her. She graduated, was almost 19, and, knew I took late-night walks a lot. And where. She met me one night (scared the h*** out of me), we talked "for real", and not teacher to now-graduated student, and determined what's the harm in some fun together. We had s** dozens of times before I moved, and, to be honest..I don't regret a thing about it. Girl was beautiful, sexy, and more mature for her age. We were kind of like equals.

  • :sigh: Lucky B******.

  • DON'T

  • Is he married? If not I say go for it (once you're graduated), but if so then you should keep your feelings to yourself. I had a HUGE crush on my 10th grade Biology teacher and I think he also had a bit of a thing for me, but he was married, so I didn't pursue it. Being with a married man will have more consequences than you're ready to deal with.

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