I can't stand fat people

I cannot stand fat people. It's a recent development. I think that it is mainly because a lot of the women I work with are big, not just a bit of extra weight they are stright up fat. They make fun of me constantly for eating things like shredded wheat and soy milk, for only eating half of restaurant portions, for ordering veggies instad of fres with my burger. They call me weird. And the entire time they are moaning and groaning abut how they've gain 70 lbs since high school (b**** you are 21 what did you do eat the entire buffet?!), how hard it is to loose weight. They complain about never finding clothing that fits. They actually make me physically sick when they eat in front of me.

It's not just people I work with either. I don't want to be around my fat friends either. But then all they do is complain about their weight as well and how there are no good men out there. They think that they shouldn't hve to try to look nie or tak pride in their apearance but men should still want them cause they have v*****. I don't feel like telling them that vaginas aren't suppose to be blocked by the gut you have to lift to get at it.

I don't care about the small prcent that actually has no physical controlover their weight b/c of medical issues. They all make me sick to my stomach. I'm talking about the obease people you see all over now. Ugh. I loose my appetite in restaurants because of them.



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  • I don't care HOW disgustingly hideous those b****** are-- they're RIGHT to make fun of you for eating like a p****.

  • I don't like fat people because I think they are inherently selfish. Fair enough if you are raised by an obese family- but once you're on your own you can make changes. I don't know why they focus on nails, make-up, expensive purses, etc. ? The only thing a man is noticing is the size of your ass. No sense dressing up fat. I also blame our policy makers and health industry for sleeping at the wheel in addressing the obesity crises. There are many levers to pull instead of normalizing and accepting this unhealthy trend. Make no mistake- fat people pay all kinds of social and economic penalties for their appearance. I want to feel sorry for them, but these days if you are literate you can lose weight instead of acting like "nothing works."

  • Maybe if u we're fat u would know how it feels for fat people u should be supportive not sitting on ur ass talking about them because no ones any better and it Dosent mean cause ur skinny ur special and i guess ur skanky ass gotta deal with it

  • Im so happy this popped up when I typed in "people who can't stand fat people" - I'm currently experiencing this strong feeling of disgust and intolerance for over weight people. From family members to people I work with- skinny, or "healthy weight people" have to step on eggshells to not hurt the feelings of the FAT. Yet, we need to take every f-ing comment about "your soo skinny..." "do you eat??" type of s*** awkwardly with a smile when deep down you want to tell them the straight up truth. The worst is when they pretend to be dieting to excuse their FAT ASS and then you catch them with little fatty snacks and oily fattening food hidden around. It's so unfair. It's like you're punished for being healthy and attractive these days! The fat of the world is taking over!! Statistically and literally. I'm a nice person and never want to hurt someone's feelings but it's COMPLETELY unfair these people make US feel like we are doing something wrong by wanting to be healthy and aesthetically pleasing. "Be extra nice to us...we can't help eating like gluttons...we're the same as you...." NO YOUR NOT. Why don't we start catering to heroine addicts while we're at it?? That way EVERYONE can get away with their sinful behavior. SICK.

  • Maybe if u we're fat u would know how it feels for fat people u should be supportive not sitting on ur ass talking about them because no ones any better and it Dosent mean cause ur skinny ur special and i guess ur skanky ass gotta deal with it

  • Amen!
    The ones that particularly irk me are those that go on and on about how well they eat and about how much they know about nutrition. I want to say to them- Let me clarify for you: adequate niutrition equals normal body size , excess nutrition equals obesity! Then there are the "specialty eaters that can't figure out why they can't lose weight. As in the vegetarians that I never see eat a vegetable, unless they consider the potato chips that they are chomping on with their mouths open a vegetable!

  • Can't help being fat? Say you've got a hormone problem? Have you ever seen a picture of prisoners in a concentration camp? See any fat ones? I rest my case. Just stop being a glutton!

  • I also am surrounded by fat inconsiderate b******. I'm healthy and they put me down like I'm the one with the prob. Sexually & morally. FU Fat pigs everywhere. I eat fruit & meat & granola, veggies. And only whole foods. Go get a hoagie or some McDonald's or a cheese steak. And hurry up and have a heart attack so you normal friends can have a life. I'm so sick of everyone being like "oh have some feelings for the fat people." What about healthy people feelings. Nbd I guess.

  • I do not like people that can not spell an easy word like lose.

  • Its not that I don't like fat people they just really try to intimidate me because I'm very small. I mean the big girls will purposely not give me enough room to get by on the sidewalk or in thestore aisles. I mean just because I'm a skinny.girl does not mean I'm something for u to bully. They purposely bump in to me n make comments about "skinny b****** " n I'm sick of it so I definitely understand.

  • I don't like fat people because they are usually so mean.

  • that makes sense. a lot of people have a weight problem becuase of either mental or physical issues, but your absolute disgust is a little misplaced. hate those certain people not a whole group of people. or dont. im sure there are obese women who hate thin women for being a******* like you

  • I know what you mean. They actually just make me sad, though. I've had 3 kids and I'm only about 15 pounds overweight. I do everything possible to stay healthy. I have 2 sisters who are both obese and it makes me sick to hear them complain about their weight and then in the same conversation tell me how they've eaten fast food for every meal this past month. I just wish they could see what they're doing to themselves. Ugh...

  • I am simply sickened by the obese. They are everywhere. Looking forward to getting on a plane or going the a play and sitting between two of them? Can't wait. It's crap about not being able to lose weight. Boo hoo. Stop eating sugar, processed food, fast food and consuming 5000 calories a day. Try to 'move' your fat ass.

    The fashions - as this hits teens as well - are just so disgusting they make me gag. Tight yoga pants (as if) and tee shirts are coming apart at the seams with blubber overflowing every couple of inches.

    Then they walk around with perfect nails and make up. I'm sure their husband's say they
    look beautiful. If they didn't, they'd get punched out. Same for men. Just a different set of

    And 'oh, the hurt feelings'. Precious little feelings. Who gives a s**t. Unbelievable sloth. And don't get me started on the 'religious'. Some of the worst offenders. Your body is the
    temple of God, you idiot.

  • Ah yes the religious and how it is a sin to waste food- must eat it all. Obviously gluttony does not apply in their case.
    The ability to say "no" to anything in excess -self control- is one of the fruits of the Spirit common to all believers (Galatians 5:22)

  • You nailed it on so many levels! And since you bring up the husbands what is it with the "chubby chasers"? This behviour is just as bad as enabling any other addictive personality

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