Bi-Curious no more

I have for many years fantasized about sucking a d***. I had never done it even as a kid, which I later learned many of my childhood friends were sucking each other's d****.

But I digress... I recently resolved to do it. A male massage therapist found on Craigslist was my first. I asked him if it was OK if I sucked his c*** and he said,"sure" and dropped his pants and I proceeded to blow him just like I always imagined I would do it.

He was moaning and bucking and thrusting and I was taking him deep and this was all very hot but I was not getting erect personally. I asked him to f*** me and that was a bad idea. I took it for maybe a minute but it hurt like H*** the entire time. I left there without c******.

Some time after I learned of an adult book store in my town, also from reading Craigslist, where guys go to blow each other.

So I went there, twice, and sucked a total of 7 d**** never once getting hard. Then there was this tranny I picked up in the local gay district and he/she was amazingly feminine body wise, black, big d***, smooth skin like a girl, little tiny t****** even. This was the only gay experience I had where I was able to get off.. with some effort. I did so by j********** while blowing her.

Then I found an Asian massage girl who was willing to get naked and let me eat her p****, which I have always loved doing, and it was like BOOINGG!

SO for me anyway sucking d*** is one of those things that is best left as a fantasy. It was fun and I did enjoy doing it, c** doesn't taste bad and that's the hottest part of it actually. But it didn't turn me on the way I thought it would.

I would do it again if the situation presents itself, but I am not going out of my way to make it happen anymore. It's clear to me now that I prefer p****.

Jan 10, 2015

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