It's taken me a long time to come to terms with...

I'm a girl. I'm training to be a doctor because I have a fetish for amputees.

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  • .. Another clear symptom of inherent P**** Envy. It's a shame that you were born with a receptive cavity for a P**** rather than the absolute, undeniable superiority that a man's phallus or genitalia indicates!! Conclusively & fortunately, this places you in a subordinate role for your existence in a Man's world. Welcome.

  • I lost my right hand in a childhood accident that left me with a smooth stump where my wrist should be. Over the years I've dated several woman who had a fetish for my stump, each wanting me to use it to f*** them. It always starts fun, the s** is good, bit eventually reality sets in that you can't build a lasting, healthy relationship around a fetish.

  • Imagine a sexy male patient comes in and you amputate both legs

  • Very interesting, I am a doctor, and I have had similar incidences of turn ons for someone I shouldnt... did u ever do anything about it?

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