Theres this girl i really really like.. she has a bf but she likes me a lot to! we r going to do stuff, and her bf doesnt care, however he wants to all of us to date.. like a 3 way relationship.. and i dont know what to do about it, i wouldnt mind but i feel like it would be hard, any opinions on this situation?

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  • I have a friend (a girl) who is dating a guy that also has another girlfriend. They've been going out for quite some time, and they've discovered that as long as everyone is open with each other, and honest about jealousy and other emotions, it is doable. I wouldn't, personally, be able to share my significant other with someone else, but everyone's different. You just have to decide if it's right for all of you.

  • Hmm...I would say don't let the swords cross.

    Seriously though, 3-way dating can be a good thing, as long as emotions are in check until everything, and I mean everything, is defined. And it's not really 3-way, it's one girl dating two guys. You're not dating the other guy, so...

    Are you guys planning on living together, eventually maybe? If so, that'd be like a Three's Company of sorts, or the prelude to an awesome p*** flick...

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