D, you were the woman of my dreams. There are things about you that literally every man seems to be drawn to like a moth to flame. Our highs were the highest of the high. However, just like any drug, the lows were pure h***. I will consider you one of the most beautiful creatures I've ever laid eyes and hands on. However, you're the worst person I've ever even heard of in a relationship. You're selfish, emotionally closed off, have daddy issues, refuse to admit wrong, and simply don't treat the other person well. Your ex was right when he said you're the common denominator in every single relationship issue you encounter.

While I don't regret trying, sometimes I do wish I would've never met you. A once strong man has been wrecked. I was selfless and you were purely selfish. There's a reason some of your close friends say you will never marry. No man will put up with it forever.

I couldn't either. I still miss you. Hopefully, your memory will be fully gone in time and I can wash you away.

Nov 6, 2011

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  • Awwwwwww. Poor sweet guy. I'll help you forget about her, if you want. ;)

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