I’m a pathological lier

I hate myself, my life is boring and not fun at all, I can’t make friends just being myself, so I lie to cover it, so far I have 3 friends, all of them are based on a web of lies, they think I’m a good artist when in reality I just steal art from the internet, show them it, and then say it’s mine, they think I’m a abuse victim, I lie about my family and say they are worse than they actually are, don’t get me wrong my family is bad but no where near as bad as I portray it, sure they argue a lot, are selfish, and I don’t have a mother but compared to their families mine is so much better and I just wanted to be like them, I lie about my grades so that I can look smart, I know I’m a loser, a toxic friend, and I know this is all petty, but if it wasn’t for lying I’d be a nobody, a forgotten friendless idiot who couldn’t make anyone happy, I even do it on the internet it’s that bad

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  • You are your best friend as well as the worst enemy.
    Don't be a habitual lier and don't befriend tinpot people only to have so called friends.

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