Tired of the scars

I hate myself so much. I hate my scars. I have to hurt myself to feel better but I only feel ashamed. All my close friends confess to me about their problems. How can I help them if I can't even help myself. They think I'm so happy and the best person to confide in. What they don't know is how badly I want to escape this h***. Hurting myself no longer satisfies me. I am so ready to give up and I know no one will stop me because they are all suffering just like me. It seems like everyone I meet is hurting. I wish I could save everyone but I just can't. All I want is to die. It consumes my every thought. My grades are dropping. I am losing all my friends and family. I am on a downward spiral and I am ruining my life. I fear that I might do it soon...


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  • Its alright..The big man (god) still loves you! We all have problems

  • If god loved her, she wouldn't "have to" cut. Isn't that what you losers say about your sky daddy, His love conquers all addictions or some s*** like that? She's a pathetic idiot who has probably had three or four idiot babies by now, and you're probably fingering a small boy from your bible study youth group.

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