Latina Women

I am an Arican American guy who has a diverse interest in women.Though I have been able to have s** with black,white,asian,african and some european women,I had been having a hard time meeting a latina woman willing to give me a chance.I have been trying for the last 10 years!

This month,I met one latina female and I thought I had no chance;we had s** the same night.She was my first.But then I have discovered that she is not what I would like,am not even sure she enjoys s** at all.

That has prompted me to have the guts to give out my number to two others,hoping I can get some action.I think they are both married or have men in their lives but my chances look good.

I asked another one out today and she said she cant go out with me coz of her kids and hubby-unless I love kids. I told her I love kids(I sure do) and I hope she gives me a chance.If this one does,I will not date or have s** with any other woman but her.She is simply gorgeous,nice,sexy,,friendly and her ass beats jay lo's. I feel so into latina women now but they all seem married or taken;despite that,I just cant keep from wanting them!

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  • I used to mess around with a hot, latino woman nurse friend. She was gorgeous, and simply..Smoking-Steamy hot. Oozed s**. Tall, lanky, fit body..Immediate turn-on.

    Every time we got together, she wore me out, as I wouldn't be able to control myself with her. Made me dinner one night, and we started in her kitchen. Burned the sauce as I had at her on the living room couch. Honestly the one woman I admit to never controlling myself with.

    Even as I tried to leave, most times, I couldn't stop handling her. And she ate it up like crazy, loved being touched, felt, kissed, and fked. Hottest woman I've ever been with.

  • There hot when there young then they get pregnant and ugly and no one wants them anymore.

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