What I'd love to say to my 'friends.'

This was something I almost posted on Fb tonight, just because:

You have no idea. How do i even consider you my 'friends'? I only add people i truly know on here Fb, yet non of you know me at all. None of you know how hard it is for me to get out of bed everyday,How hard it is too look in the mirror and NOT want to cry. NONE of you see my scars, you're too oblivious. Too caught up with the AMA's, too caught up with your new crush, too care about your 'friend'. None of you know how I use to be on the brink of suicide,how I have a constant fight over the calories I consume. How my family is f***** to h***. For once I'd like to answer one of my "friends" when the ask me how I've been with something other than 'fine'.For Once I'd like to say no I'm not fine, I feel alone and like crying and cutting and screaming and punching. But the worst part isn't the fact that you have no idea. the worst part is that you don't even care enough to ask if I'm even fine. The worst part is that you, my friends, don't even f****** notice. So f*** you all, I f****** hate you.

Nov 22, 2011

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  • Sometimes so-called "friends" really blow.

  • idk if you'll ever see this.

    If I was your friend I would want to shoe you all the love in the world, not because I expect something back, but because I love you.

    But how am I suppose to know you need me to hold you, to be there for you, if you don't tell me?

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