Truth about weed you dont know.

Time to educate the children who are misinformed by 1970`s statistics. there are 2 types of weed called indica and setiva. indica is what gives you a body high its the weed that makes you sleepy and h**** if your with a girl. setiva gives you a mind high it will put you in good humor and makes you have sudden apiphony`s. now there are 3 levels of quality kush,fire,and stress. kush is the best you can get then fire and at the bottom is stress. and then theres hashish or hash for short this is basicaly concentrated weed that is usually sprinkled in with the weed to make it stronger. while theres a big misconception about the effects of cannibus im gonna state the facts you smoke alot everyday for a long time you will start to have short term memory loss as is the same with drinking, and by alot i mean over 7 grams a week for years now the bad effects of weed and its less harmful than drinking & smoking i`ve run out of space any questions just comment and i`ll give you the real answer not propaganda ask away.

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  • Wow. You know very little about marijuana. Do some research by reading medical and science journals. They're bland and there's a steep learning curve to understand the terminology, but if you really want to know this stuff that's the ONLY way to do it.

  • Your spelling is atrocious

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