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I just wanted to say, that everyone is beautiful and should never feel like hurting themselves or they're not good enough. Everyone is good enough, no matter what size, shape or religion. I would look like the kind of person who would smoke do drugs party and all of that, but I don't. And I hate bullying. I hate people feeling terrible. I hope this makes some peoples day, and makes you think that cutting yourself is not worth it. Beleive me, I went through it all.It makes things worse, you know what I do to stop myself from hurting? Knitting. Honestly. If you can find something to do instead of self harming then good for you! And if you, reader, are a person who makes people feel bad, why? Why would you ever do that? I designed my hair awhile ago. I shaved a little bit of it at the side and put designs in it and people were making fun of it. They think I am a strong person. I think I am ugly. I think I am fat. And I weigh 110 lbs. I have been putting myself down so much latley, that it doesn't come off as a joke. And maybe the person you're saying things to is like me. So next time you tell someone they're fat, what if they really think so? And beat themselves up because of it EVERYDAY? Next time you call someone ugly, what if they cut themselves because they think they are? And you are there proving them right. I know this is long, and if you made it until here then you're a good person who has a good heart. You're all worth it <3

Nov 29, 2011

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  • u are sooooo not fat i mean u weight like 9 pounds more than me. u r sooo not fat i wish i could ur size i hate being soo small u should be happy

  • Thank you.

  • you're nice :)

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